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A Cry for Help: Chicago Tribal Warfare

Get up and get get down 911 is a joke in my town!!! The police have no clue what to do.  They are not equipped to handle the tribal warfare going on.  The cities leaders have tried and failed various methods to curb the bloodlust that is overwhelming my hometown.  There are no answers in site, and really, no one is looking at it.  No one seems to really pay attention to the young people dying in groups of 10 or 20 in weekend.  Hell it was barely a blip on the national news media when over 50 people where shot or killed in one weekend this past March.  Moreover, the problem ain’t new, my city been going through this for years!!  If you don’t know by now by now I’m talking bout Chi-Town!!  The new murder capital of the world, sadly battling it out with Philly in a race to see how many young folks can die in year.   It’s interesting how one tragedy gets national attention and analysis and provokes conversations about changing legislation on every level of government, but when you have damn near a 5-year period of young black people consistentlyslaughtered in the streets, it only sparks conversations about lack of parenting and morals. 

I want everyone that reads this blog to know what’s going on in my city.  I want you to know that I have friends trying to help the community, robbed at gunpoint by the communities they serve.  I think it’s important to highlight that 26 people under the age of 27 were murdered in May.  That out of that number there were 10 under 15.  I won’t even get into the June and July numbers.  What is playing out on the streets of Chicago is nothing more than guerrilla warfare.  It is the chickens coming home to roost so to speak.  In the 90’s there was a huge crack down on drugs and gangs in Chicago.  You had folks and people (if you from the Go you get that) going to jail left and right.  Young cats were being put behind bars for serious bids.  Some of the most violent criminals in the city were targeted acquired and jailed.  But now, the BG’s they left behind are OG’s and the OG’s are getting out the pen ready to reclaim what, in their mind, is theirs.  What ensues in situations like that is what you see happening on a day-to-day basis in Chicago.  The violence in Chicago is akin to what we saw during the first wave of gang violence in the 80’s in Watts and L.A.  If you pick up the Sun Times or the Tribune and you read about scenes out of Color’s or Boyz in the Hood daily.  Even with high ranking GD’s, Stones, and LK’s reaching out, the murder rate continues to climb.  Nevertheless, the higher it goes, the more silent the media gets. 

The LEP Bogus Boys get more press for the violence in their music than the violence they are describing.  It’s almost as if no one gives a damn.  Outside of a few mentions here or there, s/o to Lupe and Roland Martin, the bloodiest summer in Chicago is a non-issue.  Rahm Emanuel and his staff have tried everything short of calling in the National Guard and instituting marshal law.  Which at this point might be a good idea?  I’m not sure how to solve the problem going in Chicago, but I know that there won’t be a solution reached if there is not a conversation.  If we can’t focus on the things that are really affecting our communities and call on elected officials to do something about it, May’s numbers will become the norm.  Though Chicago is leading the nation in murders, cities like Philly, Nawlins, and Houston are not far behind.  Stalwarts like Baltimore, Memphis, and Little Rock have struggled with violent crimes for years.   Where is the mention of this in the stump speeches of politicians?  Where are the featured stories about this issue on CNN Black in America?  Soledad would might be scared she would be popped if she came trying to interview a Folk on the Southside of the Go.  More realistically, we don’t hear about the stories because of whom they affect and where they occur.  The overwhelming majority of people afflicted by this 38% rise in the murder rate, after having the highest murder rate in years, are people of color.  Black and brown folks that sit at the bottom of the socio-economic totem pole.  This is why we don’t hear Pres. Obama address it, why Romney may not even know it’s a problem.  And there are not enough voices screaming at the top of our lungs to make people notice.  I am tired of getting phone calls and updates about another dozen teens dying to gun violence in my hometown.  I am sick of reading about the over 260 people murdered in Philly hoods.  And I get more and more pissed off when I hear reporters cover shootings in the suburbs and say things like, “this isn’t supposed to happen here” “what went wrong, what provoked this” while they remain silent about young people that look like me dying in droves.  Why can’t we focus on the genocide in Chicago like the fuss made about Koney2012?

From here on out, every time I write, I will start my post bringing attention to the on-going violence being overlooked in my city and cities like it across the nation.  I will tag Rahm Emanuel, Chicago, and Murder on every post.  This Thursday, the day of the Valentines Day Massacre (a day that pales to a weekend in the GO); from 7pm to 8pm I will tweet about this issue using  #stopkillingTHEGO as a topic to discuss ways to curb the violence in Chicago.  THIS IS ALL ABOUT ATTENTION, ATTENTION TO  AN EPIDEMIC THAT NEEDS TO BE A PART OF THE NATIONAL DISSCUSSION.  If you know about the violence in Chicago or any other major city, join me in my effort to use social media to make a difference.  Help make #stopkillingTHEGO a trending topic and bring attention to senseless murders in Chicago.  My goal is to get people like Roland Martin, Tom Joyner, Benjamin Jealous, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Kevin Powell, Jeff Johnson, and the like to focus on how to curb the violence affecting so many young people of color. These people have the pull to draw the spotlight on this issue and help the people on the front lines to put an end to these senseless murders. 


Do you have any suggestions on how to stop the killings?  Have you heard about these killings in the national media?  Why does one tragedy get more pub than others do?


9 thoughts on “A Cry for Help: Chicago Tribal Warfare

  1. I had no idea…its amazing how celebrity gossip and drama make headline news, but a genocide gets swept under the rug.

  2. sadly, I haven’t heard about the violence in Chicago through any media outlets…I’ve only heard about it through you and one of my best friends who has family in chi-town. Keep up the good work sir.

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