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You Can Tell A Lot From a Woman’s Artwork…

In Honor of Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share this unpublished blog to Writerz Block…here we go! (In my Slick Rick Voice)

After yesterday’s trip to Pinot’s Palette, I may have stumbled upon something worth blogging about. Now Pinot’s Palette is a social painting class for anyone to attend and create a masterpiece without really knowing how to paint. It’s really a great place to go, or take a date.  Now from this last experience it dawned on me that you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she paints. Painting takes a woman out of her comfort zone and she can’t be prepared for the situation. Every woman is prepared for dinner and movie. I have been to Pinot’s Palette with three different times, on dates of course, and realize the way a woman paint is a good source of knowing if they are caring, impatient/patient,  precise, creative, or flat-out don’t give a damn. These same attributes fall over into their outlook on life, love and relationships…seriously.

First date I went on I knew it would be fun. The person I was with was a fun, open-minded person. I didn’t realize it then but her painting reflected her attitude. She was focused, and really tried to mimic the actual painting. She was being precise as much as an amateur painter could be. We all were amateurs. I watched her paint strokes..slow and steady, she really wanted to get it right. Even though her painting did not come out exactly like they actual painting she came very close, and it turned out good.  She really had a good time and expressed it to me as the best date she ever been on. I have to admit one of the best dates I have been on. Previously knowing this person for some odd years, this is her outlook on life…open-minded, focused and patient. She was ready to put her best foot forward into any situation.

Second date was okay. I’ve had better. The person was open-minded to go try painting, but was very impatient. Complained about the painting was taking to long, wasn’t focused. She couldn’t see the bigger picture. When she didn’t see the painting happening like the chosen piece, she was ready to give up and move around. But I tend to make the best of a worse situation. I continued to paint, and tried to recreate the piece. Knowing what I know now, this friendship wouldn’t ever work. Even though she said she had a good time, I don’t see her trying it again.   The way she treated the painting let me know, and I further saw, she was an impatient person. She didn’t have any creativity, or precision. Can’t be mad because that’s her personality, one that wouldn’t work with me, (laugh).

This past time I went, I was well aware of how a woman paints says a lot about her. This time there was two women there, my date and her friend. My date was focused, but very much out of her comfort zone and it showed. But her friend..’didn’t give a damn’ about her painting. She didn’t even try to follow any directions. Precision? Who’s that!! We both were like “she don’t give a damn.”  To make things worse she says, “Don’t worry this will be a masterpiece,” as she continues to laugh at her mess, and waste paint, lol. I glance over just to see her paint strokes, she just flopping paint on the canvas. This doesn’t even look attractive at all, and I pretty much came to the conclusion she probably would be like this in a relationship. Not giving a damn, and oblivious to her fine treatment of art (sarcasm).

Now my date, was focused on the painting, but didn’t care because the painting was outside of her comfort zone and not under her own conditions of creativity. I realize that about my date, she doesn’t mind trying something new, but rather do things that fit to her personality. Her painting didn’t come out exact, so she was really hard on herself. Making jokes to her piece of art, but what she didn’t know that her paint turned out very creative. At one point the instructor thought she needed help, but by the end she had a change of mind. She really reached and her painting turned out very creative, especially with her background. In being with her,  I realize when she doesn’t reach a goal she really gets hard on herself, but she will continue for the achieved result.

I would advise every guy to take a woman painting, you really will see a side of her that you wouldn’t normally see at a dinner and movie. You really get to know a person when they are either in their comfort zone or out of their comfort zone! You can tell a lot about a woman on the first date, do something different. Take a woman to something you like doing on a first date. One, you paying. Two, you’ll have fun regardless. Three, if she may actually attempts to try. If she ends up liking it she may be more into you. Four, she will respect your creativity. Five, you may have found a common ground with your date.

Base of the Painting from my last painting outing..the first painting is the closest to the featured piece. Can you tell the creative one, and the ‘don’t give a damn’ painting?

Til next time..”See the bigger picture!”

Should guys find creative ways to get to know women? Is this a good way to judge a woman’s character? Let the ‘Block’ know…


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