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Keeping with our highlighting writers theme on The Platform, I bring to you a poem from Ms. Cassandra Jones.  A writer in ever sense of the word, and one of my bestest friends.  Lover of poetry, song, essays, non-fiction, and even the occasional grant proposal, Cassandra has love and written them all.  An English major, turned teacher, turned administrator, turned advocate for the community but has not let go of her true love of writing.   When she isn’t spending time working, she is working on building her Guidepost Education Solutions which strives to empower children before they get into college.  How awesome is that?  You can learn more about Guidepost here, or read more of Cassandra’s writings here, or even get at her on Twitter @CDioneJones.  


She approaches with one
palm up
Fingers extended
Reaching for a tie to loosen
A zipper to engage
tempranillo stained
Sweet and dry
Ample bodied and
Bursting with ulterior motives
A textbook temptress
A mimicked smolder gleaned from magazines
Should be uninteresting…
Imbibing confidence which with each sip
One of thousands regurgitating a beauty
Manufactured to be unattainable
But then again…
There is the hand
Delicate fingers
Neon nails
lightly dancing on his neck
And he forgets that he hates trends
Individuality is overrated
A buzzword for those with no appeal
It never crosses her lips
He is content…

Written while listening to:  Pilot Jones – Frank Ocean


What did you think? How do you feel about poetry? Do you have something that you might want featured here?  Let us know!!!


5 thoughts on “Desdemona

  1. Sadly to say..poetry never really was my thing. I would go to poetry nights, but sit there looking blank because I didn’t quite get the word play. Maybe I need a beat behind it for my, ‘ninja ears.’ I never was nursery rhymes guy growing up anyways. I will torture a nursery rhyme to be damned. I really applauded those that do because its really a talent not something you just do.

    Okay, I’m slow with poetry remind you. So the poem is about a woman drinking wine reading a magazine looking at two different pictures and comparing to which one here dude likes? So if I’m wrong this is why I suck at poetry.

  2. Awww you don’t suck at poetry buddy! Everyone gets a different meaning from it so that’s cool. Here’s my thoughts while I was writing it:

    You can imagine this as the moment right before two people have sex…not in a romantic way…more like a secret they’d never tell anyone else. This man is seeing the woman walk towards him. He is normally one that likes substance but she is the exact opposite. She’s studied all the magazines and videos and created a persona that attracts men. These are his observations of how she looks and his thought process as he makes himself comfortable with choosing sex over substance.

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