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When the Cat’s away..

I love the fact that I can enjoy the small things in life. We don’t realize how small thing makes us so happy. For instance, my boss will be gone for four days this week. Who doesn’t get excited about that? This guy does!! Fortunately, I have one of the coolest bosses ever (no whips or chain either!) There’s just something about management being gone that makes the day easier. I have been planning out my days while she is out accordingly. Here are some of the things I like to do when the cats away:

Show to work late

You can bet your first unborn that I’m going to show up to work 30-45 minutes late. Sleep in, well don’t mind if I do! My snooze button takes a beating every ten minutes until I finally decide I still have to go to work. Knowingly I don’t have time to stop by Starbucks, I go any ways. I like to sit and enjoy my Chai Tea Latte. It just tastes better when you’re not in the office.

Abuse Office Technology

Since we are in the internet era, it’s very likely that I’m going to abuse the office’s technology. This includes (but not limited to) large amounts of time on Facebook, Spotify, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and Writerz Block. Email friends I haven’t heard from in weeks, check my bank accounts online, and instant message are all on my to-do list. During this time I finally get to catch up on Awkward Black Girl on YouTube. I may even take more personal phone calls than usual.

Long Lunch Breaks

Working long hours can truly cause you to burnout, so who doesn’t want to take long lunch breaks unnoticed. While the boss is in the office you spend time devising ways to discreetly stay out a little longer. Showing your face by their door then shortly leaving right after, acting like you going to the other department, or telling your cube neighbor to cover for you. Truthfully, we are actually doing the bosses a favor. We are getting the relaxation time we need to finish the rest of the day strong. Now with that being said, when the boss is out of the office, you can go as you please and move about freely! I tend to go to the gym on my lunch break or meet up with a loved one.

Leaving Early

Leaving early is one of my greatest joys. You get a jumpstart on the oncoming traffic. What usually takes you 45 minutes to get home only takes 35 now! Small victory, but it gives you the sense of being a winner! You don’t have to come up with some reason to leave that has been used a thousand times over. ‘I have a family emergency, my kid’s school let out early, or I’m not feeling well.’  You can simply just mosey on out without any regard. It feels good to actually make Happy Hour at the start of Happy Hour!

What are some of the things you like to do when your boss is out? What are some of your techniques for taking long lunches? What are some websites your like to browse? Are you that person that snitches on employees for taking advantage of slacking and disapprove? Let THE BLOCK know…


3 thoughts on “When the Cat’s away..

  1. Damn near none of these things apply to me. I’m hourly, so while my boss is away I basically just surf the web. I do take smoke breaks when they take smoke breaks tho….and just sit at my desk staring at the walls.

  2. I think when my boss was on vacay I did mostof the above. I know one day, I came in at like 8 or 8:30. I’m supposed to be there at 7. lol. Couldn’t leave early b/c I have to clock out (finger scan) on time. ugh.

  3. I do the same thing when my boss is away that I do when she’s there….and that’s whatever I want. As long as i get my work done…#NoRestrictions

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