So as it hit here in my quaint hotel room in Tampa, pondering on what to blog about, I decided to seek inspiration by combining a couple of the early pillars of #DaBlock writing structure. If you don’t remember Trending Tuesdays, focused on blogging about current twitter trending topics, and Thirsty Thursdays (focused on blogging about any and all things relationship oriented) you are about to read a small mixture of them both. Today we delve into the topic of #HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe and what that possibly could mean to the vast majority of us. Let’s discuss!

For starters I guess that it is plausible that anyone who uses this trending topic today is actually in a relationship of some sort; whether it is a platonic, romantic, relationship by heredity or what have you; I suspect though, most of what you will read within this trending topic will probably sound like some sort of arm chair psychologist’s version of free advice, humorous lines that ask to bear with our own quirkiness or insecurities, and definitely subtweets that lift up very clear, albeit passive aggressive, warnings to the significant other in our lives.  In fact, let me pause for a second and see if I am accurate.

*clicks on trending topic*

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe Don’t ever compare me to your ex or I’ll show you how much me and your ex have in common.

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe keep open communication.

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe love God more then you love yourself or me.

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe we have to have be able joke around like best friends, fight like siblings, love like a married couple

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe be honest, Cuz I find everything

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe don’t go through my phone

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe #1 never ever try to control me or set me rules

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe be witty, slick, smart, But all in all challenge me, surprise me. Keep me on my toes or I’ll get bored & leave

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe Make me a sandwich and bring me beer.

#HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe I don’t need to text you first all the time. That’s shows that you don’t think of me.

It’s nice to know when you are proven right.

Based on those small samplings above and the content contained within, allow me to lift up 5 Things that you should consider before chiming in on trending topics such as this:

1)  You have to understand that if you are in a relationship and you start “going in”– that it’s very likely that the person you are with or someone who knows the person you are with is following you on twitter. This means that everything that you say has the ability to be misconstrued or used as fuel to start a fire that probably never existed.

2)  If you are not in a relationship, please show some restraint and just leave this topic alone- No one is interested in hearing you going off in a bitter rage or rant about what did or did not happen in your last relationship. Take some time to heal in a more appropriate and constructive manner.

3)  Keep in mind that “You” reading these topics are not the “Me” who typed them- This means that you should be mindful that those 140 characters or less does not begin to give us the whole picture of what is going on with that “Me” who has opened their thoughts up on this very open platform. DO NOT RETWEET because you #CoSign what is being said, because while it may be clear to them as to why they said it, you don’t have all the info and you don’t want to fall victim to point #1 above.

4) Even if the “Me” in you rears its head and starts “going in”, ask yourself if the “Me” in you is still a work in progress? The last thing you want is someone to use your ever evolving “Me” statements and profile you for their own personal gain. You going off, they are seeing your tweets, they begin to do the opposite of what you hate or do the things you like in an effort to get you. Then they get you, use you, and throw you away…leaving you scorned and ready for the next trending topic.

5) Finally, please remember that relationships, in all forms and fashions, are two way streets– and require dual responsibility in keeping the relationship healthy. It behooves you to continue to bathe in the process of self discovery, including self inventory, and also be clear about what you will and won’t do in a relationship. The better you understand you and what you are bringing to the table, the easier it will be to identify what you are seeking in a healthy relationship with someone else. When you do that then you will enjoy the street that you travel on and will be much more willing to put in the necessary work when the street needs to be repaired or repaved.

Be easy Folks…Caesar


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