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Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

…said Aaliyah (lyrics courtesy of R. Kelly, I’m sure).

I’m rounding out the end of my twenties.  I don’t care.  My birthday isn’t until October and people are already asking me what I plan to do for “Dirty Thirty”.  Firstly, that’s not a thing.  Nobody will explain to me why thirty is dirty.  I reserve dirty for like 19 year old boys, or 55 year old women.  And all I have planned so far is dinner at Perry’s which I may or may not invite people to join me.  My logic is that I am 30 and I will do what the hell I please.

But actually I’m looking forward to 30.  It’s settled.  It’s calm.  I still know how to have fun but I’m not doing it on a Wednesday night.  I haven’t really picked up on wine drinking but I knew what moscato was before Rick Ross.  I know there’s a JayZ lyric that applies to what I’m talking about but 1) he was talking about being 40 and 2) I don’t remember it.

I’ve been reveling in the idea of turning 30 after talking an 18 year old cousin who just finished her first year of college.  Basically, I’m so glad 18 is far over.  I think I might have looked forward to being 18 when I was 12 and I knew that meant freedom and not having to listen to my parents.  Then I turned 17 and didn’t leave for college and started working and didn’t move out until like 20.  And I was like “what was supposed to be fun about 18? Oh right, voting and buying lotto tickets.”


Maybe 21 was more entertaining.  Buying liquor was a promise.  But who really knows what to drink at 21?  My drink of choice…don’t laugh…

Ameretto sours.

Disaronno you ask?

Oh no, I’m not paying more than $5 for a drink.  Wells my good bartender sir.

I’m sure if none of that happened then 30 wouldn’t be something to look forward to.  And maybe if that’s the case, 40 will be epic.


What age are you looking forward to turning?  Do you wish you were younger, if so, what age?  What was your favorite birthday?



One thought on “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

  1. I’m looking forward to turning dirty 30 (IDK why they call it that either, but I like it…lol)…it seems like life will be (hopefully) more settled, I’ll care even less about people who don’t really matter. Sounds like a win win. And ummm…if you’re gonna invite people to Perry’s…I’m gonna need to be on the list. KThxBye. 🙂

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