Media Madness

Caption This

With the invention of camera phones and social media applications, such as the famed Instagram, most individuals have become renowned members of their own independent paparazzi companies. Due to the volume of images being captured by professionals and amateurs alike, the world has been witness to some of the funniest, perplexing, and sometimes sobering photos ever taken. There is one game that has been passed from certain social media circles, blog sites, and even mainstream media outlets (i.e. radio stations, daytime talk shows, etc.).

Today #DaBlock gives you all an opportunity to play along as well. The Game: CAPTION THIS. There will be a series of photos below and all you have to do is put a short caption (in words of course) that describes the photo. See how clever, hilarious, or whatever you can be. Enjoy!









8 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. 1. “FML”

    2. “I’m Back Bitches!!!!!”

    3. “I was kidding when I said let’s do our faces”

    4. “This bitch right here………”

    5. *Thinking* “We’re saving money, We’re saving money”

    LOL! I like this game!

  2. 1. Damn..
    2. Barack: “here come this nigga!”
    3. Can you spare a moment to talk about Jesus?
    4. Snoop: “You know after we ball, I’m going hard in the paint right?”
    5. “B*tch you drowning me!!”

  3. 1. “How high did I get last night?”
    2. “…, and presenting The First Black President of the United States!”
    3. “It’s cool, amigo. All our last names are ‘Garcia’. We all familia.”
    4. Always make sure they bring a change of clothes with them, so they won’t have to borrow your stuff. Fa Shizzle?
    5. “This b!#ch is pissing!”

  4. 1. So we married? Like fa reals? No bullshit?
    2. Did ya miss me?
    3. Excuse me sir, you have something on your face.
    4. Is she fa shizzle?
    5. I don’t feel like you’re sharing the water with my b*tch!

  5. 1. I know we said it wouldn’t get awkward the day after, but…

    2. Where’s the bitches?!

    3. See, what had happened was…

    4. Snoop: “Who this bitch?”

    5. Stop! It’s cold! You’re making it shrink!!

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