Media Madness

Lawd Have ‘Mercy’

The 2012 BET Awards aired last night and I actually thought they put on a solid production. I mean once you got past the horrible efforts to utilize social media during the broadcast and the everlasting feeling that even you could do a better job of monitoring FCC compliance with the “bleep button”, the show didn’t force us to endure the utter ratchedness that we have grown accustom to with BET.  While there were several things to react to from last night, I have whittled my list down to 5 observations. Let’s Discuss:

1. G.O.O.D. Music is Better than MMG- and it’s not even close. Their into performance last night with ‘Mercy’ was awesome. I have to be honest here, I believe that the brain trust behind MMG is getting it right. They are making some pretty hot music. But with Wale as the actual genius, Ricky Rozay (who seems to be losing weight) as the front lining lead, they may always be considered good, but they will never reach elite status. I mean Kanye, Big Sean, Pusha T, not to mention Common and John Legend, are limitless in their ability to pump out great music.

2. D’Angelo Still Got IT- Brown Sugar, with the hits Brown Sugar, Me and Those Dreamin eyes, Lady, was one of those “Must Own” albums.  This guy, despite the drama, weight loss, weight gain, and prison sentence, still has the ability to deliver a feel good music with his crooning tone and musical talent. I look forward to a future project from him. He looked a mess, but, then again,what is he supposed to look like?

3. Didn’t You Feel Sorry for Kim K- she look so uncomfortable last night. Do I stand when my man and his friends win? Do I not stand? Do I look to give them praise? Should I feel bad if they don’t acknowledge me? When is this over? How long must I endure? Where’s the camera so that I can make sure to get some of this footage for the show? I mean she looked a mess. Even when she was holding Kanye’s waist during one portion of the show, she seemed to be internally pleading to be rescued from this event.  But she did look good in that dress; (would be better if we could fully believe that all of her was 100% and not genetically altered). Oh and as I saw on twitter, yes her sitting next to Nikki Minaj was definitely an #AssQuake Boi *Big Sean Voice*

4. How Many Times Was Jay Z Going To Be Acknowledged?- Was that in his BET AWARD appearence contract? Damn it seemed as though everybody was going out of their way to either shout him out or say hey or something. It was kind of ridiculous. But I guess when you got it like that…you got it like that.

5. Souljah Boy- What was the big deal about Souljah Boy crying last night during the Whitney tribute? He’s not gangsta, he’s not portraying a “Thug like demeanor in his records”. The twitter explosion during this most would have made you think that Souljah Boy and Whitney had an affair and everybody knew about it and was waiting on his reaction. The man just lost his younger brother and he casually knew Whitney…all according to him…so i didn’t see how this outward show of emotion was a big deal #justsayin

Honorable mention goes to Nikki Minaj and her performance outfit, Monica Brandy, and Chaka Khan holding down one of the best Whitney Tributes I’ve seen, Frankie Beverley and Maze getting honored and of course…Real Househusbands of Hollywood.

Those were some of my observations…what were yours?



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