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Is Stevie J Gonna Have to Smack a B****

Before I get into today’s post let me just say that  I am not above mindless, senseless, and completely meaningless television (I watch the first 3 seasons of Jersey Shore faithfully). I am also not bothered by the fact that “Reality Television” is more WWE in nature than actual reality. With both those being said, I absolutely cannot continue to intentionally watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, after watching my first episode last night. Here are just a few reasons why:

This Joseline Character- Now I’m not going to jump on the “She’s a Man” bandwagon, because I don’t know her like that. However, what I will say is that I feel sorry for this young lady. The seeds of dependency seem to clearly been cultivated in her mind to the point that she sees this Stevie J as her night in shining armor. I mean she is so completely delusional that she honestly believes that she can dictate to other people what Stevie will and won’t do for them  because “She is Stevie’s number 1 priority.” Really? I wonder how much of that she still believed, when showing Stevie that she was pregnant, when Stevie looked at the test and then looked back at her and said, “What you bringing this to me for?….You should have handled this off the rip…. We got work to do, videos, appearances…Who baby is it?”  Essentially he told her, “Get an abortion or kiss the pseudo career good bye, because if you try to pin this baby on me, you’ll never see a dime” #Horrible

Mimi- Your “Spidy Sense” tells you that your husband is sleeping with his “artist”…. did you really call your intuition Spidy Sense? Or, as you so eloquently put it, did was Stevie’s actions just another story in the book of cheating authored by Stevie J. But I get it, you are getting back at him by getting 20% of all financial gain that Stevie gets from Joseline and her career? The one that will never get off the ground because all her career is, is a carrot being dangled in front of her eyes so that she can hit it? And just to show you how much her cares about your 20% contractual agreement, he sings you a lamb song in a restaurant with 4.5 people in it….#StopIt. And what’s worse is I agree with Erica that you really are attractive enough to not have to put up with his BullShit antics.

Stevie J has made hit records- but how does a guy who has made hits, state publicly that it was Eve who released the 90’s sex tape of them and not him, kind of looks like he should be related to Mike Tyson, continue to use his musical talents and the money that has come from it, to pimp these women. He will apparently tell Joseline that if she gets out of line he “will send her back to the strip club”. If his wife just calms down and keeps her mouth shut, she can continue to live this lifestyle that she is accustomed to; oh and I will sign a contract saying that you will get 20% of nothing. And he got this other hood rat thinking that if she plays the jump off against the main chick, then she can get her “Hit Record” #Please. Stevie J has to be a pimp! He just has to be…maybe will get to see Scrappy bet his….oh wait, they’ll give the appearance that a fight is going to happen, but in the end cooler heads will prevail right?

And I’m not even going to touch the other story lines…#Basura

It’s smut tv and while I won’t judge those who will watch every week…last night was my first and last….

Will you continue to watch this show? IF so why? Should I be watching more of it? Let me know something!


One thought on “Is Stevie J Gonna Have to Smack a B****

  1. I watched this past episode and laughed all the way through. The reality is this is purely entertainment and should be perceived as such. But ironically this show and many like it are a reality for millions of hopeless people. Do you blame the “ratchetness” or VHI for depicting African-Americans in such a light or do your remaining four fingers point squarely at you for fervently aspiring to become the next basketball/hip-hop/Hollywood/single lady wife and or girlfriend or “side chic/man”.

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