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Baby Mama Drama

I got the baby mama drama

Enough to make you scream and holla

She’s tryna stick me for my dollas

Ain’t nothin’ but the baby mama drama

Dave Hollister – “Baby Mama Drama”


The other day, I stumbled across a status message from a friend of mine that mentioned the drama going on with Chris Bosh’s baby mama, Alison Mathis.  Reading the heated arguments in the comments sections of the status inspired me to “go in” (as the kids say) on this subject.

If you recall during last year’s NBA Finals, Bosh wrote an e-mail to Mathis requesting to have his daughter, Trinity, so he could share the important milestone in his career with her.  I can’t say I really followed what occurred, but if I recall correctly, Mathis refused his wishes and his daughter didn’t get to visit Bosh per his request.

Fast forward a year and the “baby mama drama” surfaces once again.  Mathis was recently laid off from her job and has reportedly filed for food stamps.  Her home is also up for foreclosure because the court ordered amount for child support wasn’t enough to cover her mortgage payments.  (Bosh paid $2,600 a month in child support)  Due to the unforeseen circumstances for Mathis’ employment and Bosh’s contract with Miami, Mathis’ lawyer, Jane E. Carey, is demanding Bosh’s child support to increase to $30,000 a month.

Before I go into my personal opinion on the situation and child support as a whole, I do want to give the disclaimer that I have nothing against Mathis and it’s always sad to hear someone getting laid off in this economy.  Now that’s out of the way, I think her request is a pile of bulls***.

Child support should be just that.  SUPPORT FOR YOUR CHILD.  It doesn’t mean the Mother of the child gets to reap the benefits of being knocked up by a celebrity.  Mathis lives in Dallas, so $2,600 a month is MORE than enough for any child to be well dressed, fed, educated, and have a decent roof over their head.  Want proof? Well let’s do the math.  Average rent in the DFW area is around $1,300. Utilities on the liberal end will probably be around $200.  Food for the month, again on the liberal end, will be around $400.  Cable, because I’m sure Trinity wants to watch her Dora, will be around $120.  So let’s add that all up.  Rent + Electricity + Cable + Food = $2,020, leaving Mathis with an extra $580 for clothes, toys, etc. for the month.  So on top of the income Mathis makes, there shouldn’t be any reason Trinity isn’t well taken care of.

Let me also add, that Bosh wants to take his daughter with him to London so she can watch her Daddy play in the Olympics, but Mathis and her lawyer have denied his request stating it’s nothing but a “photo-op.”  That’s wild.  So you want to get broken off $30K a month, and you don’t have the decency to allow the Father of your child to have his daughter during a milestone in his life…again?! GTFOH.

Now I can probably hear what kind of arguments the readers are going to sling at me so let me be proactive and answer those immediately:

“He makes $18 Million a year.  His kid has every right to live the lavish life he’s living.”

I agree with you.  The child of a celebrity has every right to have the luxuries their parents have.  Key word here is CHILD.  The CHILD has every right, not the Mother of the child if the Mother of the child is no longer with the Father. Need I mention Mathis was NEVER his wife? She was his girlfriend.

“Shouldn’t Bosh want the best for his daughter? Does he want his daughter to receive Government assistance?”

Yes, any Father SHOULD want the best for their daughters.  That being said, if this whole ordeal was JUST about Trinity, then Mathis should send Trinity to go live with Bosh until she’s fully capable of providing comfortable living for Trinity.  Like you said, we want the BEST for her right? So the BEST situation is for her to live with her Father.

“Why do you think Mathis is trying to be a bitter ex, and take him for his money?”

Well, a little birdie told me that Mathis is trying to star on Basketball Wives.  Why in the world would you want to be on that show other than get exposure for being a ratchet, gold digging wench?  She’s trying to create a career based on the fact that she was knocked up by an NBA player.  Meaning she’s going to want to live a certain “lifestyle” to match her counterparts.  So where is that income going to come from? You guessed it, that $30,000 a month that is supposed to be for Trinity.

In any child support case/scenario, I think whomever is receiving financial compensation should have to show receipts as to where the money is being spent.  I’m not saying ALL women (or men) receiving child support use it irresponsibly, but if the system is set up for the caregiver to reap some unnecessary benefits with no repercussion, there has to be some sort of checks and balances in place.  As a matter of fact, I personally know someone who was taking care of his son financially and saw him quite often.  2 years goes by, and his baby mama decides to put him on child support.  Even though he provided financial compensation on a monthly basis AND kept receipts for everything, the courts ruled that all of that money was declared “gifts to the parent” and he had to pay back-pay.  Tell me that’s not some BS.

I just think it’s pretty unfair that a woman can be bitter that a guy doesn’t want to be with you anymore, and now you get to spend money designed to help you care for your child on some new shoes and pop bottles.  Hence why I think the $30,000 request is just asinine.  Show me some calculations where Mathis can spend $30,000 on Trinity and Trinity alone.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Before I go, I want to give a life-lesson to all the fellas out there.  Don’t fall for the big booty and a smile in the club.  If you can’t see yourself having a child by the chick, then you probably shouldn’t sleep with her.  Because every time you have sex, there’s ALWAYS a chance she can get pregnant.  A big booty isn’t worth getting F’d over for 18 years.

As always folks, stay classy.



10 thoughts on “Baby Mama Drama

  1. While there are obviously scam-artist baby mamas out there, keep in mind the legal statutes that govern these matters. In many cases, child support is simply a percentage of someone’s income. So the $30k request, may simply be a result of a standard equation based on Bosh’s income.

    Same deal with the visitation issue. Depending on the state they are in and the legal parameters surrounding their visitation agreement, the lady could be in violation of a court order if she were to let the girl go be with Bosh at certain times. Same issue with the “gifts to the parent” mess.

    This lady sure doesn’t sound like a stand-up character, and I’m not trying to defend her at all. Just adding a little legal context to it all. Perhaps we should expand our to include policy makers and their development of family code laws. However, should we take that route, policy makers are a direct result of voting patterns – so the mirror looks right back at us.

    • I like how that went full circle. If I do recall correctly, child support in Bosh’s case was filed in the state of Florida, not Texas so it’s not 17%. I still don’t know what the exact percentage is, but I definitely see where you’re coming from.

      Now I’m not the legal expert of the bunch (I concede that to you and Yannis), but it just seems a bit weird if a part of the court order limits how many times Bosh can see his daughter. Not saying it’s not a possibility, but definitely seems very questionable. In Bosh’s case, Maths’ lawyer never mentioned anything about it violating any parameters. Just merely Bosh just trying to look good for the cameras.

  2. First of All Ant….wonderful post. I think your perspective on support going to the “child” is often understated. His responsibility is to the child, not the child’s mother. He has to make sure that his child is taken care of and if the mother is not able to do the same, based on her own means, then maybe the court system needs to revisit who should actually have custody of the child…for that child’s best interest.

    • Thank you good sir! I can’t say I know firsthand how it feels to be on child support, but I’ve heard enough stories to know there’s a lot of recipients abusing it. On both ends that is. And the kid ends up getting the raw deal at the end of day.

  3. I respectfully disagree with your claim that there is no responsibility to take care of the mother/father of the child by the person issuing the child support. *I think she might be trying to take Ostrich Bosh to the cleaners though*

    When you make a child, you have a responsibility to the child and the person you made it with. It’s not the kid is a is a bill or a timeshare. While you don’t have to be romantically involved, the well-being of the other parent should be a concern of yours and you should make every reasonable effort to aid in thier success. It is not your sole responsibility, but aiding in the success of the baby momma is beneficial for everyone involved. Instances like this Bosh situation make my thought process difficult to adhere too but that doesn’t make it less true.

    parents need to be more than amiable to effectively parent a child, even more so when facing the challenges of parenting from seperate households. I don’t think that anyone should support another person, but they should supplement the other parent. It is not difficult to determine when someone is being milked, the system should have safeguards to prevent this, but supplementing the other parent would be ideal.

    • In a perfect world the beneficiary of child support wouldn’t use the money irresponsibly so I would agree with you. But in my experiences, the beneficiary usually spends the money on things that do not aid in the immediate or long-term success of said parent. If she (or he) saves the money to pay for school, or start up a business then sure, why not.

      So with your views, should there be a penalty if the beneficiary uses the money irresponsibly? If so, what should be in place to prove the money was spent irresponsibly?

      • I’m really conflicted in my response. My wife and I talked at length about this last night and kinda went in circles.

        I think I was in my feelings. My response was for a world filled with puppies and fairies and rational people. My issue is the spirit of the transaction. Don’t use as a punishment for the non-custodial parent. Big Boi said it best, “its a baby not a paycheck”. I WANT people to want to invest in the lives of their kids and not mind helping the custodial parent to the best of their ability. and i want the custodial parent to appreciate and responsibly use that help to better the life of the kid. The common goal is better the life of the kid.

        • My wife and I had the same conversation and probably met with the same circle-like end. If my personal experiences with these situations showed more responsible parties, then perhaps my views would be different. Thus is life.

  4. First off, I had no clue that reptiles were capable of producing human offsprings, however since some chick is claiming that it did (as a meal ticket most logically) for the sake of debate we can say it happened. Now- legally speaking regardless of what monetary amount is assigned, visitation is a separate issue. Because I am not familiar with their specific court ordered agreement I can not speak on when his daughter is supposed to go visit, but due to his travel obligations (which likely keep the chick decked out and the child minimally dressed) he may not get to see her consistent with the standard non custodial 1,3,5th weekend and summer vacation if requested in writing. HOWEVER it would seem reasonable that since this IS his known schedule that a bit of tweeking would be logical during the off season and for other special ocassions. I wont delve into the whole logic behind itemization of child support (NOT baby mamma support ) fees, nor will i entertain any reasons why the child cant go short of ‘ shes deathly ill and has a local medical specialist or she is herself participating in a once in a lifetime prescheduled obligation ( for example having lunch with me -lol ) anything other is an act of selfishness by the immature mother whom likely lost her job because of poor performance while trying to keep up with the other idiot chicks tryna get air time off of their own shameful situations. How very despicable !!!

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