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The King has a Ring!

LeBron James has finally solidified his legacy in last night’s defeat of the OKC Thunder 121-106. All the criticism can come to an end. Or will it? Now he faces the challenges of hearing all the nay-sayers reasons on how the ‘Chosen Won.’  Miami did pull together a team of superstars, no argument there. Bosh, Wade, and James came together with one goal in mind. A NBA title. Personally, I didnt like the way they basically called each other up and said, “I don’t think I can win a ring on my own. How about we join forces and dominate the league!!” Let’s be honest…the Avengers needed Thor and Hulk to defeat Loki, right?

James now joins a list of great superstars, and can easily remove Scottie Pippen off the 50 greatest players in the NBA. I don’t believe this will be James last title. I believe we will see the same two teams in the Finals next year, barring injuries. LeBron has grown a lot and it showed this series. He looked like the dominate player he his projected to be for the next few years. The league now belongs to him. With an aging Kobe, and young Durant he will torment the league with his unstoppable drives to the baskets, and crafty shot selection. Yep, I said it. The King is in the building and here to stay…winning!

How you do you feel about LeBron winning? Does he belong in a Rocket uniform? Do you think he can win one with just a supporting cast? How do you feel about Bosh’s champagne celebration dance?

Signing off Bauski #GoRockets


3 thoughts on “The King has a Ring!

  1. Personally I don’t like the way they built the super team, but more power to them. I’m putting an asterisks on this ring, just like I do the 1999 Spurs! Do it in 82!

  2. that’s that bullshananagins!!! they won the title in the season that was played. If you put an asterisks next to this one, I vote for putting an asterisks next to the Rockets title when MJ wasn’t in the league

    • At least the Rockets played an entire season. And on top of all that them Rockets were one of the few teams to come back after being way down in a series….never underestimate the heart of a champion! #ClutchCity

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