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Lessons Learned from Heat/Thunder

Let me be clear…the above picture is what History says the outcome of this year’s NBA Finals will be. I guess it would be irresponsible to say that Oklahoma City has #NoChance, but pictures of Durant and company hoisting the trophy are currently in the in the back drop; like the little glimmer of light at the very end of a long black tunnel. However, regardless of what the final outcome actually turns out to be, there are some things about this series that we have learned and that’s what we will focus on today!

1) THE LEBRON JAMES HATE STOPS HERE- or at least it should. The facts will always be there: He worked with ESPN to make a spectacle of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the “Decision”. However, the decision also raised a ton of money for charity. Fact: We also have heard the Lebron James “Not 1, not 2, not 3, etc, etc… but we never hear the conversation that prompted his response. I introduce to you this video:

This guy has been the workhorse for the Heat all season and all playoffs. Averaging 30 points, 9 boards, 5 assists, and two steals is impeccable. He has carried this team offensively and defensively. We are watching a freak of nature, play basketball at the highest level….so all you Skip Bayless like haters…respect the player.

2) Durant and Westbrook Cannot Win Together- As of right now, I can’t see where these two guys can win as a dynamic duo. Durant is a leaner version of Dirk Nowitzki and a more efficient version of Carmelo Anthony. He has shown a lack of aggression and an inability to contribute to his team beyond the realm of scoring. As for Westbrook, HE IS NOT A PG! He is a scorer who can physically dominate his defender with speed and quickness. When his jumper is falling, forget about it. He can get to the rim at will, but his shot selection is also very poor at times and he is #BasketballDumb. When an aggressive talent like Westbrook is on the floor with an overly passive player in Durant it is a recipe for disaster.

3) James Harden Has Left the Building- and so has his max deal. Before the Spurs series I tweeted that I wanted to see what Harden would do against a second unit that also has star players on it before I start backing the Brinks truck to his house. He played well in that series, but against the Heat…James, we still looking for you; will we find you? *Antoine Dotson Voice* At this point if I were James, I would be looking to stay in OKC and play with KD and Westbrook for as long as I can.

4) Scott Brooks Can’t Coach- #ThatIsAll…well, ok, wait. The move to put Thabo on Tony Parker in the Western Conference Finals in game 3 was a big difference for OKC, but it came two games too late. Why is Kendrick Perkins still playing in the finals? I love Derek Fisher, but why is he getting more than 20 minutes on the floor (OKC really misses Eric Maynor). And if I was a OKC fan, I’m not sure that I could muster enough trust in Brooks to think that they will make ANY adjustments in game 5. There is a reason why OKC is in the finals and Brooks is still without a contract extension #justsayin.

5) Will the #BlackHand Continue- to lay low? I mean David Stern started the year off right; he vetoed away Kobe’s chance to tie Mike. He put the call in for Dwight Howard to “opt in” the final year of his deal with the Magic. He found a buyer for the New Orleans Hornets, at the price that would make his owners all get a nice piece of change,  and as a result, he blessed Tom Benson with the number one pick in the draft. So far in these playoffs, the #BlackHand has not needed to make any moves, but in the words of @narmeraha “For those who don’t believe in the #BlackHand, if he decides to show up, he’ll be in full effect from the jump of the next game.” We shall see.

What have you all learned from these finals? Are you willing to say it loud and proud? Until next time…



12 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Heat/Thunder

  1. What I’ve learned…

    1. NBA fans (and sports fans period) will never not take the opportunity to make a false comparison between teams, situations, and players. (Example: Kobe/Lebron comparisons)

    2. Dwayne Wade’s jersey is made of teflon. Sure at this point the teflon is wearing thin but nothing realy sticks. He can get away with mailing it in but no other superstar in the finals can. (He has been playing well lately)

    3. James Harden isn’t quit ready to shine just yet. Dude folded like the French Army last night.

    4. Durant is a great player but dude hit the boards. It seems the Thunder suck at rebounding from time to time but lead the charge big man. I know it isn’t his game but his effort would do wonders to team morale.

    5. The playoffs are much more enjoyable if you only watch the games and ignore all large media coverage. There are too many false narratives like “Closers” “Killers” and “Clutch” floating around.

    I don’t really follow the NBA anymore but I’ve enjoyed this years playoffs more than I have in a long time.

  2. I think the series is over. OKC looks like a virgin on prom night with the championship being a vagina. They’re too scared or timid or whatever to just go and get it, instead hoping it’s gonna fall into their laps. Meanwhile, Miami looks like that one cat that’s been baggin chicks since 7th grade and knows what it takes to get the job done. Alas, that’s why they play the game and i guess it ain’t over til it’s over…the lenny kravitz version.

    As much as I dislike the Heat collectively, I don’t see how anyone can hate Lebron. He is everything you want the guy leading your team to be.

    The officials have got to do a better job. Seriously, D Wade is the most phantom foul getting player I’ve ever witnessed and I watched a lot of Michael Jordan games. His jumpeer has also gone the way of the dodo bird

    I still think the Thunder are the better team, but only when James Harden plays like James Harden is known for playing. I don’t know who this guy with the beard is in this series. That’s why Derek Fishier played 20 minutes.

    Scott Brooks is doing a horrible coaching job. Nobody on that team not named Thabo Shefadffasdff….has any right to even look in Lebrons direction to try and guard him. Poor Harden has no chance. Why Brooks won’t even attempt to play zone is beyond me. THE MIAMI HEAT DO NOT PLAY WELL AGAINST THE ZONE.

    Oh well. I hope Derrick rose is getting better. GO BULLS!!!!

    • Speaking of D Rose. I was asked by someone last night if I would rather have Westbrook or Rose. I said, although I believe Westbrook has more athleticism and maybe a slightly better jumper (if we are not factoring in what impact the ACL/MCL injury for Rose) I would take Rose because he still fits the mold of a PG with his ability to pass and not be basketball dumb. Westbrook reminds me of the Trailblazer who use to get beat by the Lakers in the early 90’s. Really good team but just killed themselves with stupid basketball decision making.

      • Westbrook is definitely the better athlete, but no way would I choose him over D Rose (of course). I’m gonna give Westbrook a pass for that foul last game. I doubt even 20% of NBA players knew the amount of time that would be put back on the clock in that situation. I blame his coach and his bench for not letting him know. Unless they did let him know…then he just made a really bad decision

      • ShoeBag is going to kill me for this but, D Rose is OVER.RATED!!! There are at least 4 maybe even 5 guys i would take over him. He is only as good as he is because he is on the Bulls. He is a better passing AI. (let the slander begin)

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