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Kim K: The Gold Standard of Black Beauty?

I’m going to go to a place today that may get me in a little trouble. Nevertheless, what is life without a little risk?  I tend to be an observant type of cat.  I like to know who and what is around me in case something pops off and I need to act fast.  I walk into a room and immediately start sizing folks up; “dude right there look Ron Artest crazy”, “shorty could get it”, “man she hood”, “he still live in his momma house”, you get what I’m saying.  Recently I’ve noticed a trend in women’s fashion and me no likie!!  I’m no fashionista, hell I used to rock Tims with everything – shorts, slacks, even hooping shorts, but this new trend is really killing me. And I think its killing me cause I see so many sisters getting down with it and it kinda hurts my feelings.  I just don’t understand when Kim Kardashian became the standard of beauty!!  Did it happen in between switching from Ray J’s Johnson to being Reggie’s Bush?  I mean really, she is famous for being a bopper!!!  And that’s who you choose to model your fashion after? 

I can’t really describe the look, but you all know good and damn well what I’m talking about.  Every chick I see is walking around with that damn swoop bang and 76-inch extensions wearing bright red lipstick and a pencil skirt.  WTF!!  Since when did platform 6-inch heels become a staple in the closets of anyone but porn stars and strippers?  I need an answer on that one.  I know fashion changes, but some stuff just ain’t cute and it ain’t for everybody.  I still stand in awe when I she women at the office in clothes that used to be reserved for the club.  I laugh until I cry when women swear up and down how classy they are and how professional they look when in reality their attire is more like Jada Fire than Sheila Johnson.  Call me old fashion, but if your dress shows off every single curve you have in HD 1080P, IPAD resolution, that’s not office material.    

My real issue is that for the first time in a long time, I think we are back to the European standard of beauty in our communities. Even with sisters taking the “Big Chop” in droves, there still seems to be lean toward the video vixen look instead of a more conservative approach.  I mean look at every single video vixen that Drake rappers and entertainers have made famous.  Look at every “bad chick” in a video or movie.  Look at and FB and tell me that you don’t see the Kim K epidemic.  With all these originals out here, ya’ll sure are starting to look the same.  Even, sisters in Hollywood are Kim K’ing it.  Look at pictures of Gabrielle, La La, and Keri back in the gap and look at them now.  (Damn, did I just make Kim K a verb?)  Someone please help me understand why so many sisters are trying their damndest to look like this instead of this?

I know there is no standard on how sisters should look and everyone has their own style, but it is alarming that many sisters are patterning their look after someone that has nothing in common with them.  Why is Kim K the gold standard of beauty in the black community?  Is it because brothers flock to that more than they do other looks?  Is it just the flavor of the moment?


Love, Peace, and Nappiness,

Smoke The Ghetto Profit


5 thoughts on “Kim K: The Gold Standard of Black Beauty?

  1. I’d have to disagree with you and say that it has little, if anything, to do with standars of black beauty.. I see women on the streets and celebrities alike of all races who’ve all adopted this fashion trend. What I take away from that is that a lot of women just like this look, and that people should adopt their own style and stop following whatever the hottest trend is. But I guess it wouldn’t be trendy if ppl did that huh?

    • Trends have always been around, but they haven’t been as universal as this. And sisters would always put their spin on it. I am surprised that sister just took the “outfit off the mannequin” so to speak. It’s also surprising how many sisters really ride out for Kim K and will defend her to the hilt!! Just an observation…

  2. Most women respond to what they think men want. Everybody talks about Kim K. like she’s the standard of beauty. Marketing folks get a whiff of that and decide to capitalize. Women who are unsure about their image and style decide that this will make them appealing to men… and Voila!

  3. “Someone please help me understand why so many sisters are trying their damndest to look like this instead of this?”

    Mainly because they want the type of man Kim K dates rather than the type Mrs Obama has.

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