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It’s Still All About the Benjamins…Just Not Diddy’s

It seems as though Justin Combs is following in his old man’s footsteps. No, he’s not entertaining people with his ghost written lyrical skills, borrowed 70’s hits, or shiny suits; Justin is dazzling people with his ability to play tackle football. In fact, his skills as a defensive back are so revered that Justin was offered a football scholarship to the University of California Los Angeles, better known as UCLA. Keeping in step with his dad, the news of this scholarship did not sit well with many in the California area.

Since UCLA announced their upcoming athletic scholarship recipients, Justin has been clumped into a bit of controversy because of how much money his father has. People have stormed the airwaves and have written notices to UCLA saying that they are acting “irresponsibly” by giving Justin Combs a scholarship. Some have echoed these sentiments by saying that “scholarships are reserved for those who have no other options to afford schools” and “He should give the scholarship back because his daddy can pay for him to attend.” Seriously?

Let’s get a couple of things straight here:

1) Scholarships are earned- People don’t just give full scholarships away, just because. You have to do something. Where it be academic or athletic, you have to put yourself in position to EARN the opportunity to be honored and blessed in that way.

2) What does Diddy have to do with it?- I mean are we silly enough to believe that the only recipients of scholarships, since scholarships were first given out, only go to poor people? That’s ridiculous. What about the guy on Wall Street, who has made a fortune, and didn’t have to fork over a dime to put his precious little girl through school.

The good news in all of this is that the UCLA athletic department issued a statement basically saying that the scholarships given out to student athletes are generated by the funds that are raised by the athletic program and not tax payer money. It’s also good that this never reached a “race card” level or we would have had to endure Al Sharpton over the airwaves preaching injustice and all that other blah, blah, blah. For the most part, people understand how scholarships work and are basically treating Justin Combs, son of a man who is worth more than half a billion dollars, receiving an athletic scholarship as a non issue; as it should be. So in my best Puff Daddy voice, circa 1997, “Take That…Take That..”

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