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The Block Goes to Vegas

All I do is win win win……7!!!! Craps!! Maybe I didn’t win as much as I wanted but I still had a great time on my recent trip to Sin City, aka Las Vegas.  This trip to Vegas has been educational as well as taxing on my wallet.  I learned a few things that make for good travel advice as well as life lessons.  So before I head back to the craps table and attempt to win in all back I leave you with a few lessons from Vegas:

1.  Never bet more than your willing to lose – as bad as my luck has been at the tables, I’m not going to lose my mortgage money!!! Every dime I put on the table, I’m willing leave there (I don’t want to but, if it happens my family still gon’ eat).  That’s important cause one cat was so depressed after losing that they had to stop him from jumping off the tower at Paris.  What’s interesting, about the concept of not betting more than you are willing to lose, is that it’s pretty darn universal. You should never invest more money, time, or emotions than you’re willing to lose.  This is a good tid bit of information for financial matters, jobs, and relationships.  Don’t go into situations blindly, know that things might go awry and there may be nothing you can do about it.  Then, make smart choices and get it in while it’s good.  The rest will handle itself.

2.  Know when to fold!! – I was up a few times and probably should’ve cashed out and had a buffet on the casino’s dime. But did I? Heck naw!! I let it ride and lost it all in one turn of pitch and toss (Shout out to “IF”).  Had I taken my own advice, I would have left Vegas with a few dollas in my pocket, instead I left with a comped meal.  We all need to learn when to fold.  It’s not a bad thing to gracefully bow out, and knowing when to do so is a valuable life lesson.  When we are up big and winning like we had tiger blood in our veins, we should chill the heck out and put it in cruise.  I’m not suggesting we settle, but its important to know when you have a good thing and be content.  Or conversely, when you have been in a situation that is constantly kicking your butt and you keep trying to hang in there and take one for the team…..know when to LET GO!!

3.  Your time is the most valuable thing you have – if you have ever been to Vegas, you know that you are bombarded with “bribery marketing”.  Random folks asking if they can give you anything from free tickets to a show and dinner to free money, they just need a few minutes of your time.  But nothing is free, not-a-thing!!  Three hours of high pressure sales tactics, being shuffled from one room to another while people tell you that a real man, one that cared about his family would purchase a timeshare for 75k with a 12k down payment.  Only to be told by someone else, 6 mins later, that  you were intelligent not to buy something you don’t need, but maybe you should consider a 12k travel club!! Tickets to Cirque de Soleil and a buffet is not worth your time.  Neither are situations that drain your energy and spirit.  Or situations that make you feel negative pressure, aka stress, or drama.  These situations are not worth your time.  I don’t care what Mary J. “Chicken Crisper” Blidge says, Mr./Mrs. Wrong is not worth it just because they put it on you in bedroom.

I learned a lot on this trip to Vegas, somethings deeper than others, but these three stuck out. 

Any of you Vegas vets or recent visitors learn any life lessons while there?  Any thing you would add or subtract from the lessons I learned?  Any one else amazed at the number of kids in Sin City!?  I just don’t think I want my little ones getting a flyer for a young barely legal Asian!! I’m just sayin.


3 thoughts on “The Block Goes to Vegas

  1. Well I was on a #WHIVSIV when I was in town for the Mayweather fight. I can say that everybody you come in contact with is on some kind of hustle. Even the doormen were getting kickbacks for steering people to the right taxi or club

  2. Go with someone you trust with your life, because when you get so inebriated that you pass out on the casino floor of the Luxor at 4 in the morning someone has to help you get to your hotel room.

    …that wasn’t me or anything…just ummmm and example….or something….

    • Ant that is wild son!!! But there are only a few places in the world where that is acceptable: Vegas, burbon street, 6th street, and the san marcos square!!!

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