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Question of the day: Too Old to Fight?

You in the club with ya lady friend and you all are having a great time.  Dancing, laughing, and dranking!  You go to drain the lizard and come back to some cat trying to spit game at ya lady.  Because you know ya gal is fine and maybe ol buddy didn’t see you dancing with her all night and wasnt just waiting for you to be out of sight before he pounced on her like a live goat tossed in a tigers den, you don’t get upset.  You casually walk over and take your seat next to her and introduce yourself to the playa.  Now the right thing for this gentleman to do is to acknowledge that he messed up, shake your hand and move around.  But as Ant so eloquently articulated, sometimes folks just love to perform, pray for’em. You know the type, loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.  Well this cat decides to throw his drink in your gals face and call both of you a BIA BIA!!!  My question is, do you go to blows or be mature about the situation and let him make it?

I ask this question because I want to know when are you too old to be fighting in the club? Or any where?  Is there an age limit on whippin somebody’s a$$? 

Maybe the situation i described is a bit over the top.  What if ol buddy did leave but sent your gal a drink afterwards or called her out of her name as he walked away?  Fellas, you know your woman is waiting on you to do something!  She wants you to stomp a mud hole in this ninja that just disrespected her.  She may not say it, hell she may try to tell you to stay calm and forget about it.  But you can look in her eyes and see that if you don’t right this wrong she will always spot you like Common Sense saw Cube…. she will always see the bitch in you.  But is that her fault or yours? Shouldn’t you have enough sense to ignore foolishness like this?  Sure there may have been a time in your life where you would’ve boxed dude just for talking to ya gal.  There was a time in my life when i tried to start a brawl every time a certain No Limit song came on!  But by now we should know better,right?  We have nice corporate jobs, maybe kids, coaching at the Y; we should be above resorting to fisticuffs to resolve our disputes.  But for somethings, anything less than a good ol fashion a$$ whoopin just won’t do.  When are those times?  Is it ever ok to fight in the club or anywhere outside a boxing ring? 

Fellas what would you do in this situation? Fight or let the guy make it?  When are you too old to fight someone?  Ladies would you think less of your man if he didn’t go to blows to defend your honor?  Would you just whip the disrespectful mutha sucka yourself? 

Love, Peace, and Nappiness,
Smoke the Ghetto Profit

p.s. I know what I would do.  I would hear Mr. Magic’s Verse in F them other N****s in my head and let the chips fall where they may.  IJS.


14 thoughts on “Question of the day: Too Old to Fight?

  1. LOL @ “Well this cat decides to throw his drink in your gals face and call both of you a BIA BIA!!!”

    Personally we are too old. As long as the above doesn’t happen I’m not worried about anything else. I will not look at my dude funny or think anything not so great about him if he doesn’t fight because a dude called me out of my name. Let’s keep having a good night.

    • You sure you won’t give you man the *side eye*? A dude calls you out your name in front of your man and your man just stands there and does…..NUTTTIN but nut up? I’m not calling you a liar but you need more people!!

      seriosly, its good that you wouldn’t encourage violence. That is the right thing to do so that we don’t end up on the next “when keeping it real goes wrong” post. But know that your man is not going to be okay until he at least mumbles something gangster under his breath in ol buddy’s direction.

      • I can understand how you may think I’m selling wolfe tickets but I’m not. My man should know me and I can be very wreckless with my mouth so if I don’t snap his head off with a quick comeback then he knows that it’s all good. Let’s take another shot. I’m not saying that he won’t be mad …. I’m just saying don’t let clowns ruin our night. He is just mad that my man is going to get some and he is not…..LOL!

        NOW if he throws a drink in my face then FINISH HIM!!!!!!

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  3. As someone who grew up smaller than everyone I knew, I’ve mastered the art of talking myself out of situations where I might need to fight, so this is a tough call. Now if a dude starts throwing drinks in faces, even if he’s Shaq sized, then an L might have to be taken on my behalf (as long as I catch him once, I’m good). Now if dude is just poppin off at the mouth, I can live with that. No blood, no foul. Matter of fact, I’m calling the manager on him. However, if I’m with a woman who encourages me to fight, I’ll get up and walk away and hope she finds a way home. Any woman who would do that lives for drama and is not the woman for me.

  4. Excellent query. Personally, if it’s just words being said, I can easily laugh it off and keep it moving. I might even say something funny in response to his “thuggery” to confuse him. Now, if he throws a drink in my wife’s face that’s different. He has caused physical (however minor) harm to my woman, and it’s imperative for me to defend her at that moment.

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