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Do Better? I’m the Best

I hear a lot of people saying; “Man did you see <insert embarrassment>? We as <your specific group you identify with> got to do better!”

And I am here to ask a simple question.  Do we?

Let’s explore a little further.  I’ll use myself as examples because y’all know lots of my business anyway.

There’s a lot of flack given for the women on all the VH1/Bravo/BET whatever “celeb” reality shows.   I’ve glanced at them a time or two but I prefer scripted television (like those shows aren’t scripted…) so I never can really say what happened on the most current episode.  But the twitterverse becomes alive with how as women, they should be doing better for themselves and not being ridiculous on TV.  WHY?! What does that have to do with you personally?  If some second string basketball jumpoff is on national television acting a plum fool how on earth does that reflect on me poorly? How do “we” need to do better because of some nut on TV?

I know quite a few people who are very into vegetarianism and natural foods and natural hair and other things of that nature (get it?).  They’ve done the  research and the cleanses and the big chop and the dreadlocks and so on.  And it seems to work great for them.  But that’s never good enough is it?  It seems like some have a personal mission to convert every other person on the planet to their lifestyle.  It worked for you!  That’s not gonna fly with me.  I love steak.  It is quite possible one of the most precious things ever given to human beings.  Meat and fire.  Who am I to turn that away?  Who are you to try and force me?  I’m not shoving a porterhouse down your gullet, back off with the tofu.  A full me, is a better me.

One of my friends was told that she shouldn’t go see Think Like A Man because she didn’t support Red Wings when it was in theaters.  I can’t make this up.  Word was that Red Wings just wasn’t that good of a movie.  Is she supposed to support EVERYTHING any black person ever does just because they are black? What if she just had no interest in Red Wings.  It might not have appealed to her.  Maybe she already knew everything about the Tuskegee Airmen?  What does one movie have to do with the other just because one person thought all things black should be supported by all black people?  How is that doing better?

And these are just minor cases.  There are major issues across the world because it seems like everyone should hold the same beliefs, or act however you act (I’m talking general “you”).  Politics.  Parenting styles.  Religion.  Sexual preferences.

If we all believed the same thing and acted the exact same way, how is that better for anyone?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking someone that resembles you needs to “do better”?  Has anyone ever tried to force their way of life on you?  Has it worked and you actually became a better person?  Did it backfire and you now hate their guts? 


2 thoughts on “Do Better? I’m the Best

  1. You make some good points…very good points. But I think the “we” have to do better mantra stems from trying to rid the world of negative stereotypes. (Will it happen? Probably not) We all know media is king, and whatever is displayed on our televisions will seep into our subconscious and become truth. (To the general mass) One can debate that I would be perceived as a “hoodlum” if I wore J’s and durag to the store. All because that’s what “hoodlum” looks like on TV. So the images would affect me.

    Now the food choices is all about the person. Just because I choose to eat meat doesn’t mean I’ll be stereotyped into being some sort of animal cruelty proponent to the masses.

  2. Everybody always thinks their way is the best…what they fail to realize is…it’s probably only best for them. Lately, I’ve really been living by the “live and let live” credo. If it ain’t gon’ kill or harm me and mine…do you boo. Do. You.

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