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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

One of my favorite segments of the Chappelle show was “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”  The segment highlights people overreacting to small issues by “keeping it real” resulting in a tsunami of backlash.  The best one was where Chappelle played a young VP at a Marketing Firm. He finishes up with a weekly meeting and one of his colleagues attempts to show his approval with Chappelle’s work by saying “You da man! Gimme some skin!” and extends his hand for a high five.  Chappelle experiences what we call a “Nigga Moment” and completely lashes out verbal attacks at all the board members.  This results in his firing and forces Chappelle to take a remedial job at the local gas station making $6.45 an hour…WU TANG!

If you’ve ever logged onto Worldstar Hip Hop, you’ll notice there are a plethora of viral videos catering to our insatiable need to see “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”  One of which are verbal altercations that turn ugly when one of the participants takes a vicious uppercut like Red from Friday.  “You got knocked the F***out!!” Last week, one of the fights went extremely viral with over 2 million views in a single day.  Tashay D. Edwards, 19, decided to confront a girl about her disrespectful tweets towards Tashay.  After a brief verbal confrontation, Tashay decides to “keep it real” and open up a can of whip ass so vicious, Stone Cold himself would have been impressed. Thanks to her need for “keeping it real”, assault charges were filed.  Because Tashay’s friends were dumb enough to record it AND upload it to the internet, it’s impossible for Tashay to deny the fight occurred.

So let’s recap.  A girl posts disrespectful tweets about you.  Instead of charging it the game, and ignoring the E-Thuggery, you decide to “keep it real.”  You confront the girl at her doorstep.  You slam the girl into the wall, throw repeated punches to her face knocking her on the ground.  You stand on her body, and stomp her face in.  You quickly grow bored, so you decide to drag her down her own porch and land a few final blows to drive your point home.  Now you’re facing assault and violation of a protection order.  “…I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE PLAYING ON MY PHONE!!!…”

Why is it so important to prove you’re real to your peers?  I would like to say this is a young person’s problem and a little maturity cures the issue, but there are plenty of older individuals throwing their lives away to keep it real.  When did our society operate on prison rules?  Where respect reigns supreme?  I honestly don’t know, but I will say it’s rather sickening at times.

Today, I fed my guilty pleasure and stumbled across yet another video.  It seems a Lamar University student decided to “keep it real” and post a tweet claiming the cops will never catch her.  Want to know how that turned out? Well, take a look at the video:

Have any stories of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong?” Any insight as to why we HAVE to “keep it real” all the time? Share in the comments below.

As always, stay classy.



4 thoughts on “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

  1. Nice work Ant…I seen the video with the girl annihilating the chick on her doorstep and thought…”not only are you foolish for going at old girl like that, but more importantly, why are you having someone record this?”

    Hey Yo Mahogony,

    Having four outstanding warrants, getting an additional one while pretending to be your sister, and posting on twitter that the “pigs” would never catch you…was #Brilliant…


    Rae Carruth

  2. Keeping real is not a problem. Its when we keep it real ignorant that we get our asses in trouble.

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