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If Not Tony Danza, then Who’s The Boss?

So something has been on my mind lately and it came to a tipping point recently at a local gentlemen’s club.  Actually it had nothing to do with the the environment, the nakedness, or anything like that.  One of the promoters was rocking a tshirt that read “I’m A Boss”.  That’s an interesting concept to me.  Granted this guy was probably a decently successful promoter & entrepre-negro.  The problem arises when every self-employed guy in the spot thinks he or she is the boss…its a conundrum now, who’s actually in charge around this b*tch?!?

See Meek Mill got everybody and their momma trying to be a boss, too many chiefs and not enough Indians if you asked me, but you didn’t ask me, I’m just telling yall.   Call me old school, but when I was growing up, this was the only BOSS I’d heard of —->

Original Boss Hogg Outlaw

A few years ago, I learned about a new type of boss look —–>

Leader of the Free World

The good boss has a boss too, and he tries to please her, but he doesn’t forget that his real power comes not from the realms above him but from the rank-and-file.

The good boss listens. He listens well enough that he sees the problem before it turns into a crisis. But if it turns into a crisis, the good boss doesn’t hide.

Even the good boss thinks he’s busier than you are, but he understands that your time is important too.

He answers your e-mails, though rarely as fast as you answer his.

The good boss knows what you want above all: respect. Not that a raise would hurt.

The good boss does not work on his BlackBerry while talking to you. He does not badmouth colleagues in your presence, even if you wish he would. He tries to make everyone feel special and included.

The good boss is self-aware. He knows that every memo he sends out is scrutinized like CIA code: What does it really mean when he says “Good job”?

The good boss knows that it is the sad lot of all bosses to be resented by someone, but he genuinely tries to understand how his behavior affects others.

The good boss doesn’t say “Don’t take it personally” when delivering bad news. He knows that work is personal.

The good boss has the courage to deal with bad employees.

The good boss tells you when you’ve screwed up and he forgives you — in the same conversation. He does not take credit for your ideas, nor does a good boss demand credit when he gives you an idea.

Still, it never hurts to thank him. So I’ll note that I got the previous two tips from my boss.

The good boss is not afraid of people as smart as he is. He lets them help him look good.

The good boss does not tell you everything he knows, but he does not lie. And he doesn’t confuse dissent with disloyalty.

The good boss sees what you do best and matches your job to your talents. He gives you room to bloom.

The good boss remembers how he felt about bosses before he was one. He makes an effort to understand what you do and how you feel, so you forgive him if he never quite gets it.

A good boss reveals just enough about his personal life to remind you that bosses are people too. This never involves sex.

So see, it takes more than just new clothes —->

Matches the shirt?

Hope this blog helps some of “CEO’s” in your future endeavors and helps grow your business.  Don’t let Rick Ross fool you and have you thinking that being a boss is as easy as rocking a tshirt or fitted hat!

What do you think makes a good boss?  Are you a great boss or just a bossy person?  Do you hate/love your job because of your boss?  

Thanks for tuning in…..



2 thoughts on “If Not Tony Danza, then Who’s The Boss?

  1. I’ve had a great boss before and it’s awful cause it makes you realize how shitty other bosses have been. Oh man.
    But yeah simply saying “I’m the boss” doesn’t make it so. In your office place, home, or especially if you own your own business. The customer is always the boss, it’s just a matter of knowing who your customer is. And EVERYONE has customers to please.

  2. I’ve had two great bosses. One of which I’m still currently employed under. She’s the best…and I tell her almost everyday, especially b/c I remember how rough it was to work for her predecessor. Funny you should ask about loving/hating my job b/c of my boss. I still hate what I actually *do* but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much now that I dont hate the person I’m working for.

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