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Stuff Black People Like, Part 2

Today’s Featured Friday post is from none other than Ant! check out his other post on The Block as well.

Good morning class! Your favorite half-breed blogger is back on the block to feed your mental palettes with a plate of social insight. Last year, I wrote an interesting blog about what black people like because of a book I stumbled across entitled, “Stuff White People Like.” (Which I highly recommend reading) Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to revisit the topic. 





If you’ve ever been to a black wedding, there’s a long-standing tradition that says you HAVE to do the electric slide.  Why? Because black people LOVE to dance! From popping and locking in the 70s, break dancing in the 80s, new  jack swing in the 90s, and various line dances in the 2000s, black people have invented unique ways to express themselves on the dance floor.  Being a dancer myself, I can’t help but bust-a-move when I hear a nice beat.

So what’s the real reason why black people like dancing so much?  Well in my opinion, we’re predisposed to having rhythm due to our roots.  In Africa, there are many tribes who use dance to communicate with one another.  It’s also used to celebrate successful hunts, marriages, births, etc. Even though I believe we have a predisposition to having rhythm, I also believe you have to nurture that rhythm at a young age. If you don’t, you’ll create another card-carrying member of the Rhythmless Nation.

S/N: Don’t you hate it when you see a fine women (or cute guy for the ladies) in the club or at a party you want to dance with, but you discover they have zero rhythm?  It’s like finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real.


Being Good At Sports


One of the more “positive” stereotypes in the black community is that we’re all outstanding at sports.  Go back to your elementary school days.  Who were the first kids to get picked up on dodgeball day?  Black kids.  Who were the first kids to get picked up on the blacktop for basketball or red-rover? Tyrone and Malik.  Now fast-forward to your high school years.  Who was your Football team’s star running back and receiver? Who were the majority of the starters on your varsity basketball team? The same black kids that whooped everybody in dodgeball years earlier.

It’s no secret that several professional sports are dominated by black people.  According to “The Racial and Gender Report Card”, 67% of NFL players and 76% of NBA players are black.  The number 1 ranked golfer in the world for a record-setting 623 weeks was a black man.  A pair of black sisters are the only siblings to ever hold the number 1 and 2 individual rankings in tennis history.  I couldn’t find the specific racial breakdown for track and field, but I’m willing to bet in the US, all events 800 meters and below are 75% (at least) black.

So why are we so damn good at sports?  Well, if you paid attention in history class or took it upon yourself to read up on your own heritage you would know that the biggest, strongest, and fastest slaves were bred like cattle.  So 400 years of breeding the best of the best equates to our sheer dominance of sports created by the white man.


Making Fashion Statements


In my High School Marketing class, I learned a term known as “Opinion Leaders.”  An Opinion Leader is just that.  They lead the masses with their opinion on what people should say, how they should dress, and what they should wear.  The black community is a huge opinion leader when it comes to making fashion statements.  A lot of the trends you see in everyday fashion were started by the black community.  All because they wanted to go against the grain and make a fashion statement.  Kanye West brought back wearing venetian shade sunglasses.   Allen Iverson made it popular for hoopers to wear a shooters sleeve.  I’m not sure who started this one, but in the early 90s it was popular to have a pacifier.  I’m more than sure it was a black person though.

There’s nothing wrong with making a fashion statement, but the problem arises when (as the kids say) “you’re doing the most.”  Painting your car to make it look like a skittles box? C’mon man! Having a matching fake Louis Vuitton print outfit down to the shoes and socks?? C’mon man! Getting a tattoo of an ice cream cone on your face?? Burr! C’mon man!

There are literally hundreds of other things black people like, but we’ll end part two with these.  What are some things you think black people like and why?  Leave a comment below.

As always folks, stay classy.

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