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Relationship Lessons from the Titanic

Good Day everyone,

The Titanic was recently re- released in 3D; and while I wasn’t expecting an EXTRA long love story the first time I saw the movie in theaters, I definitely was not interested in a re-release in 3D. I mean, what’s so different *Ginuwine Voice*. However, I was sitting through a wellness presentation at this Student Affairs conference at work and I had a thought that connected the Titanic, an Ice Berg, and a relationship. If the connection works for you great. If it doesn’t, great. Just thought I would share on this sort of “Thinking Tuesday”. Here it is:

This is a pic of the original Titanic:

The titanic was thought to be “virtually” indestructible. It was one of a kind, very exquisite to behold, and if you wanted a true cruise traveling experience, you wanted to be a passenger on this fine ship. A lot of people believe that they are the best they have to offer in a relationship. “Who wouldn’t want to date me?” “I have a lot to offer.” “Look at ME!”

This is a pic of the tip of an iceberg:

Sure, it’s a sizable obstacle but, on the surface, this obstacle can be overcome. Often times we size up people and relationships on the surface. We measure what we see on the surface to what we are “bringing to the table” and determine if we should proceed or not in engaging in a relationship.

This is a pic of what a iceberg really is composed of beneath the tip:

We have to remember that the “tip” or surface area of the iceberg is not what brought the Titanic down. It was the full mass of the iceberg that is hidden beneath the surface that was the ships undoing.

When trying to determine whether to engage in any type of relationship with someone, you have to be intentional about what does that person have going on “beneath the surface”. Don’t make a decision that could ruin a portion of your life by overestimating what “YOU BRING TO THE TABLE” and underestimating WHAT MAY LIE BENEATH the surface of that individual’s life.

Does that make sense to anyone besides me?

Stay Classy My Friends



2 thoughts on “Relationship Lessons from the Titanic

  1. This makes total sense. The early stages of the dating game usually consist of dating the other persons representative. It’s not until the later stages of the relationship does the “real” person come to play or as your blog states “what lies beneath the surface.”

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