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Let’s say you’re in the market for a car.  Nothing outlandish, I mean you ain’t Kanye are you?  So you go do your research and think you know what you want.  Hit the lot, and tell the dealer you’re looking for a 4 door sedan.  Leather seats.  Green color.  Sun roof.  Decent gas mileage.  Not too much to ask for right?  Right.  Dude comes back over and tells you “Good news hip hopper, we got a 4 door sedan, leather seats, sun roof, good gas mileage.  But it’s blue.”

Do you get the car or continue your search?  Do you hold out for exactly what you want, or think you want, or do you figure “this is close enough” and sign the deal?  At what point does settling cross over to settling down or is that just a phrase we use to convince ourselves that it’s not as bad as not getting what we want.

Generally people think they have a list of qualities they would want in a mate.  If not that, then a list of “oh no nos”, a list of offenses that would immediately end a relationship with a mate because the issue was so important it couldn’t be looked past. But as time goes on, or disappointment settles in, and the list gets smaller or things don’t seem to matter as much.  Is it coming to grips with reality? Realizing that you were being ridiculous?  Or just settling for whatever you can get?

John Mayer has a song lyric that goes “you’re not the perfect hand but, I don’t hit on 19”.  Do you hold out for blackjack or set with 19 and hope the dealer busts?  Let’s discuss.

And if you aint hip to “oh no no’s” and use the outdated term “dealbreaker” watch this.



2 thoughts on “Settling…Settling…Set.

  1. I really think settling is a relative term (much like lots of other words: cute, ugly, mean, nice, etc.) that it’s kind of hard to be black and white about it. For instance, when my dad bought me a car, I had to choose out of 3. None of them were Benz’s (what I really want. What I STILL really want), so I went for what I thought I wanted at the time (If I could go back…I’d get that ugly ass white car…lol), not knowing that Jeep Liberties are the sorriest pieces of shit ever. in life. ever. I digress. Point is, someone could say “oh, you were totally settling, and you shouldve just waited it out…if you really wanted a benz.” But *I* would say, there was no way in hell I was gonna settle and spend another Houston summer riding around in a truck with no damn a/c. I cant (in theory) say that either party is wrong about their opinion….so…that’s how I think a lot of life works. Nothing’s black and white, nothing’s perfect. Somtimes taking what you can get isn’t settling, and then again, sometimes it is. Just depends.

  2. I agree with OhEmGee, we all have to settle at some point. Even the richest person can’t simply buy EVERYTHING they want. Like I’ve heard of rich and powerful people missing out on the small things like the love of their lives etc. So it’s not a socio-economic thing, it’s a matter of life thing.

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