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Wonder Why They Call You B*tch

I took literature at Community College from a professor that was very feminist.  Feministic?  Pro femininity?  Either way she was like Wu Tang.  Wasn’t nuthin to f*ck with.  This dude would wear this “Snatch, Made from the best thing on Earth” (like the Snapple logo) around campus, but when it came time for class he would turn it inside out so Professor Whatsherface wouldn’t get in his shit.  Cause best believe she would.  She even went on this rant for a good thirty minutes about how men came up with women’s clothes sizes because they start with 0 and “only a man would say a woman was nothing”.  Anyway, one of our writing assignments was to do the etymology of a word that was derogatory towards women.  There was a whole dictionary dedicated to the subject.  I had “shrew”.

The paper would have been a lot simpler if I had “bitch”.

ABC is running two shows now, one that seems to be popular enough named simply “GCB” which is based off a book entitled “Good Christian Bitches”, and the other “Watch out for the B____ in Apt. 23” which will be starting soon.  Remember the Swear Jar post, you can say this on TV now..  I’m sure it will just be shortened to “Apt. 23” but whatever, they put the sticky note on the damn commercial.

And I’m not exactly offended that the term “bitch” being used in abundance.  I’m more so shocked that it has creeped into mainstream society so quietly I barely even noticed it.  Dave Chappelle had people of all races and ages saying “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” I can’t tell when it went from George Carlin’s Words You Can’t Say list to 2Pac’s Wonder Why They Call You Bitch to ABC’s prime time line up.  And ABC owns DISNEY!  Watch Mickey ask Minnie “bitch where my cheese” on the next special.

Which leads me to wonder how exactly one uses the word “bitch”.  Technically “bitch” is an evil or vindictive woman (or a female dog).  Monique led a whole movement about calling her friends bitches and what not.  Women call women bitches.  Men call women bitches.  Everyone calls men acting sensitive bitches.  Stuck in traffic? “Ain’t that a bitch!”  What didn’t P. Diddy want? “Bitchassness”.  Watching Yo Gabba Gabba with my kid I call Brobee a bitch (under my breath…I think) all the time cause he whines and doesn’t like sandwiches.   I can’t even take it seriously enough to wonder if our misogynistic society is constantly reinforcing it’s ways upon women by letting this word be so easily said with no consequences.  But then again there could be bitches out there upset that people use their word to mean “stupid”.  Where’s Grant Hill when you need him?!

How many times a day do you say bitch?  Do you always equate it negatively to women?  What does “bitchassness” even really mean? I never paid attention to that campaign.  Does Mickey Mouse even still have cartoons? Have you ever been called bitch?  Let’s discuss what the word bitch means to you, you scared (in my Lil Jon voice. YEAH!)


3 thoughts on “Wonder Why They Call You B*tch

  1. Mickey does still have cartoons…inside his clubhouse…and with ABC becoming so comfortable with advertising, albeit indirectly, the word bitch in this new set of show…makes you wonder what Mickey Mouse really wants to say when he needs something done and calls out, “Oh Toodles” …

  2. Do I use the word “bitch”? Yeah. Am I trying to use better words? Kinda. I’d never call a woman a bitch to her face unless she was truly acting like one. Or if it’s a close friend who won’t get her panties in a bunch because she knows I’m only joking. But most bitches would get mad either way. See…I did it again.

  3. Bitch is basically in the same league as nigga. You dont wanna be called one by select groups (boys and white people, respectively), but it’s ok if you use it. Some things are. Some things are not. *shrugs*

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