100 Thoughts about Trayvon Martin

1. Catharsis … the discharge of pent-up emotions so as to result in the alleviation of symptoms or the permanent relief of the condition.

2. I can’t seem to shake the feelings I have around the Trayvon Martin tragedy

3. The death of Trayvon Martin is a senseless tragedy.

4. The death probably could have been avoided

5. and culpability probably lies in the middle with both sides needing to be held accountable

6. However, the fact that a 17 year UNARMED teen being murdered is completely ridiculous

7. ANYWHERE and ANYTIME…not just in Trayvon’s case…but all over the globe.


8. This is Trayvon Martin…





8. Or is this Trayvon Martin…


9. Does it matter?

10. I mean maybe it does… perception is reality….right?

11. And isn’t that where the real issue lies?

12. George Zimmerman is probably proud to be head of the neighborhood watch

13. What law abiding citizen, wouldn’t be?

14. Wait, every neighborhood doesn’t have a neighborhood watch?

15. It’s not a paid position?

16. You aren’t trained to do anything specific?

17. There’s not a degree for that?

18. But this person has authority in the subdivision to question individuals in the community…about anything…at anytime?

19. Complaints against him?

20. Harassment charges?

21. By individuals in his OWN neighborhood?

22. I recently walked to the corner store near campus in a black hoodie and jeans.

23. At that corner store, I bought milk for my son and a bag of skittles.

24. It was 9pm….

25. There were police officers in the area doing normal rounds and patrol

26. Trained Officers….

27. I wasn’t stopped

28. Questioned

29. Bothered in any way.

30. Should I make that same walk, in that same outfit, today?

31. 911 is an Emergency line.

32. It is advertised that when in danger or if you see someone in danger…

33. U should call 911.

34. I think people call 911 when there is a situation that they believe is beyond there level of control.

35. If you call 911 I believe you are acknowledging that there is probably someone else more suited to handle your EMERGENCY

36. Not everything answered by 911, turns out to actually be an emergency

37. But don’t tell that to the person making the phone call.

38. Because Perception is Reality….right?

39. The Perception is that black men, in particular, who walk around in hoodies are up to no good.

40. Typed in hoodie in Google and clicked images

41. This is the first pic that came up….

42. She doesn’t look like she’s up to no good…

43. But her hands ARE behind her back.

44. This following is a picture of Tony Hawk

45. He’s a skateboarder…a rich one at that

46. He’s got on a hoodie….

47. But I guess that skate board makes him “unassuming”

48. The skate board defuses the terror of the hoodie folks…not his white skin….

49. Everything is not still black and white…right?

50. I typed in gangsta in a Google search….

51. I would be afraid of this…

52. I mean, you see the faceless black shadow don’t you?

53. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a gun pointing at them?

54. Oh, there’s a hoodie in this pic….never noticed…THE GUN CAPTURED MY ATTENTION

55. If YOU were Geroge Zimmerman you would be suspicious of a nameless, black youth, in a hoodie

56. Walking around in YOUR neighborhood too…right?

57. And there is no way that nameless, black youth, in a hoodie would be afraid of you…

58. If you pulled out a gun right….George…?

59. You remember the fight or flight campaign?

60.  Most people I grew up around, didn’t really care for the flight portion

61. If you couldn’t fight, “You deserve to get your A$$ beat”

62. Walking away is for “punks…B*tches

63. It’s all fun and games until someone pulls a gun out.

64. This weekend a 20 year old college students was murdered outside an apartment complex near UTSA…

65. I guess the school is preparing for a rally in remembrance of him right?

66. Oh he wasn’t enrolled in school this semester?

67. Oh so it’s technically just another homicide?

68. Oh then stop payment on the flowers, the cards to his family, and the press release saying how sad we are

69. How tragic this is, how a 20 year old lost his life in senseless violence…

70. This is a picture of Emmet Till

71. You don’t know Emmet Till..he was a native of Chicago

72. He was visiting relatives in Mississippi and 1955 and Reportedly was flirting with a “White Woman”

73. This White Woman happened to be Married

74. Mississippi is in the Southern portion of the USA

75. Blacks and Whites didn’t much interact during the 50’s

76. The White Woman’s husband didn’t to much care for a black male talking to his wife

77. The White Woman’s husband and an associate went to Emmet Till’s relatives home

78. They took Emmett Till used various methods to mutilate his body

79. This is another pic of Emmet Till

80. Emmet Till died at 14…in 1955..while visiting his relatives

81. Racism and the ignorance that perpetuates it…still exist

82. It’s the reason why history continues to repeat itself.

83. John Singleton directed Boyz in the Hood in 1991

84. Parts of the movie portrayed a reality the urban neighborhoods in Los Angeles

85. The individuals  portrayed in that reality were black

86. Those blacks were portrayed as cold blooded killers of one another

87. That image has become some individual’s perception of young black males

88. That perception has been perpetuated by other movies, hip hop music, and news outlets…to name a few

89. That perception has become reality…for some…

90. and has been reality for many….for a very long time

91. I don’t know all of what happened to Trayvon Martin

92. I’m not sure of all that happened to Emmet Till

93. I know that not every urban community comprised of predominately African Americans is filled with violence

94. I know that there are some people in this world who already have their mind made up about others, without ever meeting them

95. I know that Emmit Till and Trayvon Martin died as teens

96. I do know that the senseless death of anyone, regardless of ethnicity, sex, color and creed is a tragedy

97. and my perception is that those responsible should be held accountable…some way..somehow

98. But my reality is that I am the only person in this world who can be responsible for me…my decisions…my actions

99. And I must prepare my self for the consequences

100. Because in the end, I firmly believe that, while my world may not ever match the perception of others, it will always be a reality I CHOOSE to walk in….



3 thoughts on “100 Thoughts about Trayvon Martin

  1. Reblogged this on Words of GR8TNESS and commented:

    This is a post from a good friend of mine about his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin situation. I know this site is dedicated to leadership, but part of being a leader is how you process various situations. I like this beacause of the content but also because of the format. It allows the writer to illustrate their thought process and invites you to join in with them. I hope you enjoy and look forward to your thoughts as well.

  2. 101. While on the cell phone with a friend, Trayvon Martin’s describes George Zimmerman as “Crazy ass cracker.”

  3. i am a 46 yr old woman who has never understood the way that humans treat one another, people are picked on because of their social association, their monetary holdings, and everything in between, but the one that really gets me is that people are picked on because of the looks that God blessed a person with. And the same people that go around picking on those people will go to church and praise God after they were making fun of and picking on God’s creation!!! I cannot hop in a time machine and stand on a podium to try to stop the hate and horrible, senseless crimes that have taken place due to that type of nonsense, but if I could I would do it in a heart beat!!!! I would help save lives or get hung trying! I cannot control others, but I CAN CONTROL ME! If everyone will take responsibility for their actions, and be the example of God’s intentions instead of being an example of why our present is repeating the past. Our future doesn’t have to reflect the present or the past. I pray that others will stand up for what God has created, wonderfully made human beings with diversity just as He created all of the beautiful flowers that have different colors and shapes, yet they are all flowers. That is what gives this world its beauty, How would it be if everything was grey? Grey house, grey sky, grey dog, grey people, grey flowers…….you get the picture, I hope 🙂
    Regargless of how others feel, I am gonna be me and continue to love everyone. Hugs and kisses to all, and God Bless!!!!!!!

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