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Mind of an Athlete, Body of an Old Man

I’m typing this blog with a slight pain in my throwing shoulder, which is actually the reason I’m typing this blog.  So yesterday, myself and some other guys my age decided that we still have *it* and went out and played in a flag-football league.  During the back to back games we played I began to realize one thing, a few years makes a *hell* of a difference in terms of body movements.

Ladies love a winner!

It is some sight to watch grown men relive their youth all while playing in whatever conditions present themselves. Maybe it was the sight of adult men calling audible plays in flag football or yelling obsenities when they missed a flag pull (which is the tackle of flag football), but I hear it was very entertaining to watch. There were great catches, diving flag pulls, and numerous end-zone jumps balls that could make or break games. Some teams had set offensive plays and defensive formations to use on a field that is 50 yards long. I’ve seen quarterbacks that wore the fancy arm bands that store cheat sheets for plays, teams with fancy screen-printed jerseys, and other NFL-type wardrobe selections. No one was messing around when it comes to a day of do-or-die flag football.

Now, some people could say that this is all a little extreme — grown men not knowing when to “give it up” and “grow up” and continue to play a “kid” sport.  However, I see it as keeping active for as long as you can in a game I guarantee every one of those guys grew up loving. I know tackle football is probably not the best idea. Let’s face it, injuries happen a little easier than when we were 20-years old. But me and the guys weren’t going to let age or a knee brace keep us from taking part in a physical activity that lets us be competitive and have fun all at the same time. It’s also a great stress reliever…when we’re winning. Many of these people have full-time jobs, families, and other stresses of daily life. Why not blow off a little steam with some sort of sport? One guy even said, “Playing sports is the only thing that keeps me sane.”  This goes for any of our area recreational sports.

Men’s, women’s, and coed softball & flag football is a staple of this area in the spring/summer. I know some people who play 10 games on a Sunday, because softball is what keeps them going on a summer day. Sports is something that we grew up playing and loving. Just because we aren’t the athletes we once were, we don’t need to give it up. Keep playing. We might feel like we’re 20-years older the next day, but when we’re playing, we’re all 20 again.



Thanks for tuning in……



4 thoughts on “Mind of an Athlete, Body of an Old Man

  1. Someone should video y’all, so y’all can believe the hype. Although kudos have to be given for y’all being so dedicated, it’s still funny to watch on the sidelines. Keep up the good work. lol. 😀

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