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Sex on the Rocks

I recently celebrated another year of life, shout out to all the March Babies!!  But between my birthday and all my March friends I got to see sooooo many intoxicated people at bars in that awkward “are we about to hook up later” moment.  Then I began to think to myself, I know that drunk sex can sometimes be considered rape, but tipsy sex can be life changing.  But the line between the two is about as thin as Paris Hilton.

Many substances have been said to induce sexual desire and to enhance intercourse. The use of alcoholic beverages is one of the oldest libido stimulators and it is still one of the most widely used aphrodisiacs worldwide.  So here is what you need to know about sex and drinking….

The Desire

First of all, a moderate quantity of alcohol will reduce anxiety and let people release their inhibitions. Therefore, having a drink or two during social events will help men get over their shyness and facilitate approaching women. This is especially true with strongly inhibited men who are scared of rejection or for those who experience performance anxiety. While I’m not saying use alcohol as a crutch to get through social situations involving women, I don’t see the problem with using a little bit of the stuff to loosen up.

Inner Mandingo 

A light change in mood from the alcohol will also relieve nervousness and leave room for freedom of sexual expression. Whether you are in a relationship or at a club looking for a one-night stand, if you are looking to spice things up, try loosening up with a drink or two. It will simply bring down barriers that one would normally not cross. See, a responsible amount of alcohol makes drinking and sex a lot of fun….which brings me to my next point.

Don’t Be That Guy

In general, half a gram of pure alcohol per 2.2 pounds of body weight is the maximum recommended dose because everything above that could reduce your capabilities. For example, experts say someone weighing 165 pounds could drink half a bottle of wine before a sexual encounter without being at risk of delivering a poor performance. The amount of alcohol affecting someone’s sex drive is specific to each individual. Therefore, it is important to KNOW YOUR LIMITS.  Too much drank up in your cup can make you overly aggressive and you’ll end up in some very unfavorable positions when that happens.

Ladies love the Drank

Moderation is the name of the game

According to some research I found, alcohol raises the testosterone level of women, which, coincidently, entices those who lack sexual interest and desire. So for the ladies, additional small amounts can dramatically increase the libido. For women who lack sexual interest and desire, the treatment can be life-changing.  Again, you have to learn and know your limits because “Don’t nobody want a dance from your ole drunk ass” (See: Player’s Club).

Alcohol relieves shyness, unwanted inhibitions and permits greater sexual expression. But do all types of alcohol deliver the same effect or is one better than the other?  I’m about to hip you up on game…

  • Beer is probably the least powerful aphrodisiac alcoholic drink. The alcohol percentage in beer is low, meaning that more liquid has to be consumed to raise the levels to hit that “comfortable” level.  So ease off the Bud Lights & Dos Equis (sorry Most Interesting Man in the World).
  • Liquors have the normal effects of relieving shyness and inhibitions. Most liquor has considerably high levels of alcohol. Since we all know what tends to happen when a man drinks too much — very poor performance in bed — it is important to control how much liquor is consumed.
  • Port wine is said to be one of the most aphrodisiac alcoholic beverages around. This drink is said to promote lovemaking — especially when served with strawberries. Select white port wine instead of the red variety, because it appears to have a more aphrodisiac properties.  Wine is a classic aphrodisiac, especially when suitably spiced. For instance, red Burgundy wine mixed with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and sugar is known as Hippocras’ Aphrodisiac. Aside from being a potent aphrodisiac, wine is also known for being a good mood setter.

So what I’m saying is that if done in moderation, drinking and sex go hand-in-hand, no pun intended.  So the next time you wanna po’ up till you throw up and Blame it On the vodka or Henny, don’t!  If you *really* want to have a good time, you should be more along the lines of “Everybody in the club getting TIPSY”.

Thanks for tuning in…….



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