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One good deed

I was at lunch today and saw a very kind-hearted thing. I saw a good deed, no Tyler Perry.  I saw one human being reach out to another one and meet that persons needs.  This lady walked up to a homeless man who is always around my office and gave him “some homemade with love on top” tacos.  This cat didn’t really know how to handle the gesture.  You could see the confusion on his face as he jerked back from her initial offering of the tacos.  She offered the bag full of tacos to the man again and he accepted, still somewhat confused by what was happening. The smiled and thanked his good Samaritan and just as she turned to walk away he reached out and grabbed her hand.  I immediately became alarmed because this homeless man had touched this woman who went out of her way to be nice to him.  I felt like an ass when he gently asked her name and introduced himself as, “Wayne.” And like that she was gone, back to work, back to her life.

Now I see this man darn near everyday.  I have been polite and said hi but that’s about it. But never had I asked this man who I see nearly everyday what his name was.  Never thought to go out of my way to help or feed him. To have a real conversation with him, instead of humoring him as I hurriedly walk into my building.  

As I sat and watched him for the rest of my lunch, I realized, that though i wasn’t the only person to ignore Wayne, that Wayne was a popular guy! All the construction workers knew him, the maintenance guys, the janitors, and even a few docs!  Then I realized while I was watching Wayne, he was watching me!  I don’t know what he was thinking and it doesn’t matter.  But I know what he didn’t see. He didn’t see a man who had lived up to his faith and his self-proclaimed love for people from the bottom.  He didn’t see a man in tune with his surroundings and community.  He didn’t see who I thought I was. I go out of my way to talk to complete strangers in the elevater.  Just to say hello or good morning.  Thinking that my cheerfulness is a reflection of me and that it will hopefully rub off on someone, one day.  These are people I don’t see often, don’t know, and likely can give two Kardashians about my positive outlook.  But I ignored Wayne.    

This woman’s good deed called me out.  I know it’s not my job to help every homeless or indigent person I see, but after seeing Wayne for almost 2 years I should have at least bought him a cup of coffee, offered him half of my subway sandwich, something!  Before I left to go back to work I introduced myself to Wayne and made a personal commitment to look out for him every now and again.  Not out of pity or me feeling sorry for him, but because it’s the right thing to do. Because God has blessed me with means to help. And because if I am going to be the man I claim, it should be old hat by now.


5 thoughts on “One good deed

      • MOOOOOMM you’re embarassing me in front of my friends!!! seriously, I thank you for instilling (even when you had to beat it in) in me some good ol fashioned home training and manners. We all we got!!

  1. This reminds me of a time I was driving home upset and crying about a certain situation in my life. I was so down and depressed. I approached the intersection to my home and saw an elderly homeless man standing on the side of the highway. It was scorching hot outside, his head was hung down in his chest in shame, and he looked so feeble. His posture shook my soul, and I immediately became grieved in my spirit for this man. I had never had such an overwhelming response to someone standing on the side of the road. I immediately forgot about my trivial circumstance and and prayed and asked God that when I returned from the bank to let him still be there. As I approached the busy intersection, I prayed to God, and said that if the light turned red when I reached the intersection, I would know it was Him instructing me to bless this man. THE LIGHT TURNED RED!!! I could barely look this man in the eye for crying. I would have gotten out of my car and hugged him if I could. There was something different about him. His eyes were so sweet, and a piercing blue hue. I literally looked into his soul, and saw something so much deeper than someone who just had “bad luck”. I prayed that if life ever took a turn that would lead to this man’s current condition that someone would have enough love to stop and SEE ME (some may miss that statement). The strange thing is, when I left, I left feeling like he imparted something so profound to me. To this day, I think of him often, hoping and praying he is doing well. My mom always tells me that we entertain angels unaware (Heb 13:1-2). I now try and keep money and my car console. I do my best not to judge any one’s situation, but help when I can…. thanks for sharing this post, God bless you, and I pray you continue to be a blessing

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