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Emotions Make You Cry Sometimes


I couldn’t help but see some of the Peyton Manning stuff on TV. I mean we watch a ton of SportsCenter and that’s all that they’ve been talking about the past week. (Guess Linsanity was a short lived ailment). Anyway, I like Peyton (except when he’s playing the Texans) so I kinda watched. He was talking about his career in Indiana and ended up getting a little choked up. He had been there 14 years. And my Twitter feed was full of comments about how he had given a great speech and speculations about where he would go to next. But nobody clowned Peyton for crying.

I know society has conditioned men to be tough and not let things get to them and blah blah. Little boys run into tables and bump their heads and everyone tells them to suck it up and not cry. But as soon as your miss the layup that could have won your team a championship game, the tears are immediate and expected and understood by every man who has been in that situation from Pop Warner to SuperBowl.

It’s a widely known fact amongst my friends that I cry at just about every movie I see. As predictable as they might be, chick flicks invoke something in my female sense that make me tear up. Ok, truth be told it’s not just chick flicks. We went to see Up and in the first ten minutes I was wiping away tears under my 3D glasses. And I look over at Brownlee like “good God man don’t you have any emotions?! Did you see what just happened to this couple since they were 6!” And he’s like “meh” and I mumbled something about him being heartless or something or another. But what if he would have cried?! If he would have been all sad about Ellie under his 3D glasses too?! I woulda been like “quit acting like a little bitch with a skinned knee. It’s just a cartoon”.

I know guys cry at weddings (their own, and only some), the birth of a child (again, their own, and only some), and either winning or losing some sort of important sporting event. Are those the only 3 occassions where it’s acceptable for men to cry? And at what point is it too much and you start to think “woah calm down there pansy?”

I’m truly perplexed. Males, enlighten me. Heartbreak, season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, your team, and not one that you actually play on but are just a fan of, lose and you in turn lose it? Be honest, any of these ever get to you enough to where you cry. Do you wait for it to rain to go outside and cry for stubbing your toe or getting a paper cut? Females, how would you react to your man crying to Up? Do you encourage your guy friends to be more emotional and then make fun of them when they are? Let’s discuss.


4 thoughts on “Emotions Make You Cry Sometimes

  1. If he would have been all sad about Ellie under his 3D glasses too?! I woulda been like “quit acting like a little bitch with a skinned knee. It’s just a cartoon”.

    ^^^^^^ Funnier than>>>>>>>

  2. Man I never cried and developed this “heartless” aka “cold blooded” reputation. I thought it was something wrong with me. Then I found myself fully invested in this movie I was watching one time, and I got teary eyed at the end of it. The movie was face off, you know the part where the little boy that was castor’s son and didn’t know it runs to John Travolta because they just adopted him; okay neither here nor there. What it told me was 1) I was a real boy *Pinocchio Voice* 2) I have to be completely invested to be able to have emotions show as tears 3) just because I don’t cry doesn’t mean that I’m not emotional about what’s going on it just means that it’s not how I’m wired to communicate my emotional levels. My default external display of emotions is raised voice. It’s okay to cry, if it’s a natural display of emotion. When you start to fabricate tears situationally, that’s when you start to have issues.

    • I guess i do make the assumption that tears automatically mean a emotionally invested therefore lack of tears means lack of emotional investment. I suppose there are other ways to show it, you could swing your fist at the air a la Cuba Gooding and make that tight face.

  3. lmao @ “woah calm down there pansy…” *dead*

    I”m emotional. I dont cry a lot, but I do get all up in my feelings quite often. I dont need that or expect it from a man, but…there are certain situations where I wouldnt be bothered if he shed some thug tears: funerals, weddings (ours, a close friends, our daughters), births, and a major loss of any of his sports teams in a championship game. It took me a reaaaaalllly long time to come to grips with men crying about the last one, but then I had little brothers (and I also reallllly started liking football). And they play sports, and it hurt me like hell the first time their team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl…so, they deserved to cry. po’ babies. 😦 oh…and I wouldnt be too mad if he cried during a movie so long as he had a good explanation. Like, “oh, that part reminded me of my cousin who I was really close to and died last year.” But that crying over Ellie shit…no deal. lol.

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