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Some Things NEVER Change

This one right here is for my people.  If after reading this list, you have no clue about anything on the list, have not experienced or personally done anything on the list, then you ain’t my people.  But thanks for playing.  

A popular idiom is that Change is the world’s most consistent thing and I generally agree with that.  However, a recent conversation I had with a few people led me to believe that though change is constant, there are some thangs that remain the same.  Without further ado, I present to you, Those Things:

1. Head Scarfs at Night – sorry fellas, it ain’t going nowhere.  We love how our girl’s hair looks with a fresh perm and if we want her to maintain that ‘relaxed’ do, the scarf will be a part of our nightly routine.  Oh, ya girl got a natural do huh?  The scarf still ain’t going nowhere!!  It’s still apart of the nightly regiment of keeping twists and curls in place.  So whether ya gal gets her buttas whipped at the salon or is whipping shea butter in the kitchen, that damn head scarf is here to stay.

Black woman in head Scarf

Learn to love it!

2.  The Hood – you know how you moved out to the burbs for the better education and safer environment?  Yeah will gentrification is a summa biT@h!  Just when the property value dropped to record lows in the inner city, developers scooped up the land and put $200K condos up.  Now with property taxes increasing and no willing to pay for paw paw’s house in the Trey, the Hood is moving to a suburb near you!  You can take people out the hood but…..

3.  Racism – “Racism still alive they just be concealing it” – Kanye.  Sometimes they don’t even try to conceal it, don’t believe me go back and look at a highlight reel of any GOP debate this past year.  Don’t believe me ask the parents of Travyon Martin if racism still exist.  Ask the voters in TX, MS, AL, and AK if the new redistricting has a racial tinge to it.  I could go on, but I would be wasting my keystrokes in this “post-racial” amerry-ca we live in.

4.  70’s music – I don’t know about you but when it’s time to clean up on Saturday morning, I turn on Frankie, the Elements, and P-Funk.  I still jam to the new stuff, the hippity hoppity, but I have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the greatness that is 70’s music.  I promise the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk that I will play enough CLASSIC music that my kids will jam the same music my momma’nem jammed.  Tell me this song right chia don’t do something for you.

5.  Line Dances – Do I really need to explain this one?  It’s so many damn line dances out there that I stopped trying to keep up a long time ago.  Crazy thing is that its always that one person that knows all of them and everybody tries to stand close to them on the dance floor and pretend like they gon keep up.  It’s all good until they get that double cha-cha, slide, hop, skip step and whole damn party falls off its axis for few a minutes.

Honorable mentions – Puffy (no matter how many careers he ruins he keeps signing talent), Al Sharpton’s perm, Beyonce (some say Blue Ivy is her clone), bootleg movies,  and weave (the natural movement will never eliminate the beweaveitful sisters out there [not a diss])


Did I miss something?  What are some other things that won’t be changing anytime soon?  Is there something on the list that needs to go?  Speak on it


Love, Peace, and Nappiness

Smoke The Ghetto Profit


4 thoughts on “Some Things NEVER Change

  1. Negative People, Perspective, and the idea that the “Man” is responsible for your inability to have the kind of life you would like…those things ain’t never changing either

  2. I love this post!!!
    Older black women clinging to their purse!i saw Aretha in ATL two weeks ago and when the show was over Diva sent her asst back in the stage to get her purse. Loved it!!
    How come Malcom X’s Ballot or the Bullet speech is still true in 2012? Every damn word!!!

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