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Why Do We Work?

Have you ever wondered, “Why do we work?” This topic interest me because someone dear to me hates their job. When you ask people, “Why do they work”, some people say growth in their careers, the monetary reward, or for the cause. Did you know everything you want in your life demands the thinking styles that make it so. Most issues at your job are caused by your thinking style, and mostly perpetuates your situation. When you change your thinking you can transform your career. I know I  sound like like one of those lifestyle guides, but it’s true.

You always hear people hating their jobs, but most can’t define what they are working to achieve. If you are working for monetary reward, well that should be your drive and focus. Define if you are working for short-long term monetary goals. Working for a job doesn’t necessarily help you achieve those goals. You have to change personal habits. For instance, women love ‘retail therapy’ to relieve stress, but they wish there was more money to spend. For three months or longer cut back on your spending and save. There’s nothing like seeing a nice bank account! More importantly, you are reaching those monetary goals. Self discipline plays a big part! Try it out.

If you are working for the cause let that be your sole goal. School teachers, guidance counselors, and coaches are professions where I consider majority people to work for a cause.  These people are focused in the improvement of the quality of the human experience. If you are teaching just to get the Summer off, you are not helping the system. You are hurting child development.  Child education is the root of what makes a blue or white collar worker. It takes a great deal of first class thinking to teach an extend group of small individuals.

Lastly, people want to see themselves grow. Most people like myself live for growth. We want to keep moving up, and see ourselves grow more through our experiences. Most people who define themselves as growth seekers are usually those who are effective thinkers. You have to deploy new ideas, become the point of reference on certain work functions, or create new ideas. As an employee, you can’t seek a miracle to receive that promotion, you have to earn it.  You have to put yourself in a position to be promoted. For instance, your job requires Excel. Take a course on Excel, become a guru at your place of employment. Give yourself a chance to be rewarded.

Why do you work? Are you putting yourself  in position to achieve those goals? I encourage everyone to think outside of their own understanding. Trust me the benefits will shower you!


One thought on “Why Do We Work?

  1. Very important question that we should all ask ourselves. During my “brief” stint with funemployment, I realized the only reason I worked at my previous job was to make a decent paycheck to relieve my retail therapy issues. Men have those too. Now that I actually work in a field that has a greater purpose than making other people richer than I will ever be, I’m more focused on trying to establish some growth and setting a plan for my career goals….all while keeping a decent paycheck to take care of my shopping habits.

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