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Taping Babies: Duct Tape or Painters Tape

Let me start with a disclaimer; i think the following detailed situation is foolishness, completely and utterly.

 Now heeeere we go * slick rick voice*

taped child and father

Andre and his handy work

Andre Curry (21) from the South Side of Chicago has been charged with aggravated domestic battery for taping his daughter’s mouth and hands with PAINTERS TAPE (all of the media outlets have reported this as DUCT TAPE and that’s a huge friggin difference!!).  Further more the young man posted a picture of the act on a social media site, which is ultimately why and how he got caught.  His daughter was not harmed and was said to be laughing the entire time.  The caption for his picture read, “This is wut [sic] happens wen [sic] my baby hits me back. ; )” source.

Because of this act the young man spent 39 days in jail with an original bond of $100,000!  Barred from his daughter’s life pending an investigation and was only allowed to see her as part of a psych evaluation.  By all accounts this young man was your average citizen and before this incident never had any problems with the law.  39 days in jail and $100,000 bond!! Outrageous! Let me list a few incidents that would have typically call for an equal or lesser bond than what young Mr. Curry incurred1:

  • Threats to the life of an Officer or Judge   $100,000
  • Kidnapping $100,000
  • Aid/Abet Another in Committing Rape F $100,000
  • Gross Vehicular Homicide (DUI with gross negligence) $50,000
  • Manslaughter – Voluntary  $60,000
  • Manslaughter – Involuntary   $25,000
  • Lynching  $25,000
  • Looting   $50,000
  • Burglary With Explosives  $50,000
  • Assault On Officer/Fireman/Paramedic/EMT  $20,000

Think about that for a moment.  If he was going to get his money’s worth for his bond, he would have to threaten a judge, or kidnap someone.  Or maybe he could assault a law man, lynch someone, commit involuntary manslaughter, and burglary (w/o explosives it’s only 30k for bail).  The high bond was the reason this young man spent 39 days in jail.  There are dope boys and suspected murders that can post bond and be out in less time than that.  This young man is only guilty of STUPIDITY, and last time I checked that was not a crime in U.S. if it were I could think of a few people that would be sent straight to jail without passing go.  It is a telling commentary on our justice system when crimes that are truly a detriment to society are easier to circumvent than immaturity.  What makes this worse is that even the Assistant District Attorney believes Andre was joking around, even if it was in poor taste. 

I am not saying Andre Curry is going to win Daddy of the Year awards anytime soon, but in his own words he, “was caught up in daddy mode and having fun with (his) daughter.”  As a father, I can understand how you can be in “daddy mode”.  When your kids are laughing and playing and jumping, it’s the best feeling in the world.  What is the difference between what Andre did and me wrapping my kids in toilet paper head to toe?  Or stacking every pillow I can find on my 2 yr old while he is laughing uncontrollably?  Or this:

hog tying a kid at christmas party

Hog Tying at Christmas, a family tradition?

The above photo is posted on a blog about Laughs, Love, and the Lord.

Because of this poor decision, this young man is no longer allowed to see his child and is going to have to fight to regain custody rights.  A battle he likely can’t afford.  In a time where young men his age are exiting stage left at the hint of a pregnancy, let alone hanging around long enough to play with the kid, it’s a shame that he is removed from his daughter’s life.  This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Andre Curry seemed contrite and sincere.  Deep down I hope that he is pissed. I hope he deals with this backlash appropriately and keeps string to be a part of his family’s life.
If the details of this young’s mans case turn out to be accurate and true, the justice system has once again focused on the wrong damn thing.  It has once again demonstrated that justice is not blind but blatantly racist!! And not that Deep South confederate racism either, naw it’s that good ol’ 21st century racism. The kind that only respects green people with funny colors on their faces.  If this young man could have afforded proper legal counsel his case would have been dismissed.  He would not have spent one second in jail.  Hell, he likely would not have been arrested.  And there would be a lawsuit filed on his behalf for the inaccurate reporting of media outlets claiming the incident used duct tape.  This is a valuable teaching moment that I hope leaves instructions not soon forgotten; M.O.E. get ya paper up.

What do you think, was his $100K bond was too high? Should he have been charged for a crime?  What do you think about what he did?


2 thoughts on “Taping Babies: Duct Tape or Painters Tape

  1. I agree completely with Jay…while I think everything that has happened to this young man is unfortunate…the problems for him began when he posted the picture of his daughter tapped up on Social Media…….#Foolish

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