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I’m currently reading Black Cool.  It’s a collection of essays from different people about what being black and being cool means to them.  One particular essay was from a guy who grew up being a comic book nerd.  He hid this small, important fact from lots of people who knew him until he was able to embrace the fact that maybe you can be black and be a comic book nerd.  His main source of motivation to reveal his secret nerdentity was his cousin who was a few grades older than him yet would visible read magazines such as The Economist in plain view of others.  Completely disregarding any ridicule given for him “reading just to read”.

The author then started to realize that although many people associate being black with being poor, criminal, and uneducated, didn’t mean that he had to be ashamed for being black and enjoying reading.  He loved reading so much he wasn’t afraid to show it and any ridicule he might have received from expressing said love wasn’t enough to make him waver.

And that is awesome.

But maybe you’re not black.  Or maybe you’re not cool.  Or maybe you don’t give a damn about comic books.  Doesn’t matter.  Odds are there is something about you that society would want to repress for you to fit inside whatever stereotype you’re supposed to match.

Take me for example.  I’m a late 20’s, unmarried, non degree having black female.  There are tons of articles written about my life from people who have never met me.  Lots of them say I probably won’t ever be married.  Maybe cause every black male ever is in jail.  Or maybe cause black men don’t like black women.  And since my kid is named Bon Qui Qui, she will be a delinquent and will start unmarried female head of house cycle all over again.  And then I’ll never fully succeed in business cause I mean I’m so bitter about not having a man and up late working two jobs to support Bon Qui Qui and ‘nem I can’t focus fully on serving McDonald’s or whatever the hell minimum wage job they’ve deemed me to have.

And that might be the life of many, but that is nowhere near the life I have, nor that which is destined for Qui Qui (for short).

I grew up in the suburbs.  There are probably studies saying that kids from the suburbs do hella drugs and have some sort of angst towards their parents and rebel by prolonged stints of drug abuse and promiscuous behavior.  And I know a few kids that it’s happened to.  Seen it with my own four eyes.  But again that has absolutely nothing to do with me.  I like my parents!  Shock and awe!

I like to think that I can be what I am and still defy any stereotypes that are associated with who I should be.  As the prophet Kanye would say, everything I’m not made me everything I am.


Do you defy any stereotypes that are associated with whatever demographic you are?  Are there any stereotypes you like to embrace?  Has someone ever said “but you’re (insert race) (insert gender) what are you doing liking (insert what you like)”?  Did you go off on them like a (insert race)(insert gender) should?  Is Kanye a prophet #illuminati?



6 thoughts on “Stereountypical

  1. Kanye is a prophet. And a giant. #Illuminati

    This reminds me of the time you and I went to a concert where we were 2 of 8 chocolate sprinkles, and the old black man at the door asked, “y’all like rock music?!” People love to box and sort and label each other and themselves, forgetting that we are all comprised of multiple demographics. Word to Key & Peele. I have locs, don’t eat meat, wear glasses, and have a kindle. I cuss like a sailor, I use the B and N words quite frequently – often together – and I drink like a fish. What kind of person does this make me?


    • I mean why the hell wouldn’t we like rock music?! And just cause I love rock music don’t mean I don’t love rap. I can know Black Keys and UGK at the same time!

  2. I always found it strange when I would be accused of “acting white” for being in the “smart people” classes in elementary school. Never appreciated the irony back then.

  3. I have not an ounce of rhythm and I hate that I can’t get a pass for that. I get so many “you’re black, what do you mean you can’t dance”. Forget all ya’ll, I keep a mean 8 count in my head.

  4. To somewhat piggy back on Bella’s point: I too curse like a sailor (a long while ago, my dad heard me cursing in a phone convo [I thought he was sleep!] and told me I cursed worse than one), wear glasses, love to read, etc etc…and I really can’t stop myself from using the N word or any other word that people think “young ladies shouldn’t use.” I also LOVE the hell out of ignorant music. And everyone is always shocked and amazed about it b/c I’m pretty damn smart and I have natural hair and all those other aforementioned reasons. But, nothing pisses me off more than going to a party or some event where ass shaking is to be expected and they’re turning up the volume on same damn Common or Public Enemy or any other kind of music with a message. Ass shaking and messages (other than “shake ya ass hoe”) do not go together. Ever. At all. Ok? Ok. I digress. People also think I get tons of play b/c I’m yella. I know people seem to think that us yella girls have it made, but we don’t. And also…for the record. I hate being yella. I tan (in the summer months). No bullshit. I grew up in the hood and I’ve never seen anybody get shot, aint never smoked weed (I STILL confuse weed smoke and cigar smoke when I smell that isht in the air), and I aint never wanted to own a pair of Js. Anyway…like Ariel said. I’m human. I dont fit into a box and I try not to suscribe to labels. And not even b/c I’m on that “can’t I just be a person” shit, just b/c…one day I might stop cussing and go buy some Js and I dont wanna hear you say shit about it. lol.

    And yes, ‘Ye is def #Illuminati

  5. This is the story of my life. I always felt “less than” for loving The Cure, John Hughes movies and “speaking so well” when I was growing up. Thank God that I got over it and realized that my Blackness isn’t defined by my interests. So what, I watched The Monkees? And fortunately, I can tell my children to listen to, watch and dress however they want…and tell others that comment “that’s for white people” to STFU. Or something like that, I don’t tell my kids to cuss lol.

    So, tonight as I sip my darjeeling tea, crochet and read historical fiction on my Kindle…I’ll keep in mind that I’m just as Black as Tae Tae and nem on the block. With probably cooler hobbies 🙂

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