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Martiiiiin, Martiiiin

Recently I was doing some cleaning and found a VHS TAPE!! I know, I know, you thought they were extinct.  But the tape was labeled MARTIN, FUNNY AS HELL.  I found a device known as a VCR and played the tape and true to the label it was funny as hell.  I don’t care how many times I see this show, I still laugh my but t off every time!  Here are a few clips from my favorite moments on Martin.



I think Martin was one of the funniest shows on TV EVER!  It makes me wax nostalgic about good funny TV.  I know Dave Chappelle pushed the limits of political correctness, but I don’t think he is as funny if you remove the racial overtones.  I just don’t feel like there has been a TV Show as funny as Martin in a while.  What do you think, is Martin the funniest show in the history of TV?  What are some of your favorite moments on the show?  What shows can you watch over and over and still laugh?


4 thoughts on “Martiiiiin, Martiiiin

  1. A lot of people like to rank The Cosby Show as ‘The Greatest’ show of all time, but my vote has always been Martin.

    Top Ten (Black shows, excluding sketch comedy):

    1. Martin
    2. The Cosby Show
    3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    4. Different World
    5. Good Times
    6. Sanford & Son
    7. Family Matters
    8. The Jefferson’s
    9. My Wife N Kids
    10. The Jaime Foxx Show

    Honorable Mention: Living Single, Girlfriends, The Bernie Mac Show, Whats Happening, Everybody Hates Chris, The Wayan Brothers, 227, Webster, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Malcolm & Eddie,

  2. Martin was very funny. However, taking a cue from the poster above I would rank my 10 favorite black sitcoms in order as:

    1. A Different World
    2. The Cosby Show
    3. Martin
    4. Girlfriends
    5. Bernie Mac Show
    6. Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    7. The Proud Family (animated but still good!)
    8. Amen (used to love this show!)
    9. The Hughleys
    10. Living Single

    The Wayans Brothers was too much buffoonery for me. My Wife N Kids started out ok then got embarrassing after they had the son acting stupid and then impregnating his girlfriend. It just upheld the stereotype of us.

      • Hmmmm….i guess Martin was the funniest. Lol Favorite line, tho it was supposed to be dramatic: “Yes Gina. I.Will. Marry.You. Damn, are you happy now? (in his Martin voice) So messed up but hilarious nonetheless! 🙂

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