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The Ring Is Indeed The Thing

Normally the #WriterzBlock doesn’t really hit you all with any #HotsSportsOpinions, but today, because of my affinity for sports and the real life drama of it, and considering that we are entering the half way point of the shortened and pretty disappointing NBA regular season, I felt I should give you 5 teams who really have a shot to win the championship this year. For those of you who are saying to yourself, “I don’t care about this” before you close the link let me remind you that HE or SHE WHO KNOWS A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT SPORTS WILL NEVER BE SHORT OF A CONVERSATION PIECE…#justsayin. Without further ado, the top 5 teams most likely to win this year’s championship, starting with the least likely is as follows:

5. San Antonio Spurs– Those who truly know me, know how difficult that was to type. I mean Los Spurs…for real? But think about it. What other team in the history of the NBA has ever won a title in strike shortened season? That’s right, the San Antonio Spurs. They have a quick point guard in Tony Parker, who has a lot of history being the engine of this team in the playoffs. He is playing at a high level and has kept the Spurs a float with the oft injured Manu Ginobli suiting up more in street clothes than actually suiting up in his uni. Oh…and let’s not forget the most dominant power forward to ever play in my lifetime…Tim Duncan. The Spurs are younger, more athletic than previous seasons and they always play as a team. I respect the Spurs…just don’t like them.

4. Chicago Bulls– Remember when we said that all the Bulls needed to add to their team was a dynamic two guard? Well they got Rip Hamilton; and while I respect Rip, his days of being dynamic are long gone. Oh and can anybody tell me what happened to Joakim Noah this year? #BullsFansStandUp Look the bottom line is I believe that the Bulls are the Spurs east. I love D Rose, but he is playing through some pretty serious ailments and they still haven’t truly addressed some perimeter scoring to help him out when teams cut the head off the snake… Like the Bulls, but it will be another year of falling short.

3. Miami Heat– This is where I am bound to shock people, especially @txsteve81. Here’s what we know about the Heat. They have the most physically gifted basketball player on the planet in Lebron James. We also know that D Wade and Chris Bosh are no slouches in their own right. We know that their bench is in a better situation this year than last year. We also know that when this team can play an up and down game where they are turning you over and showing you why they are #LobCityEast, they are virtually unstoppable. All of that is positive and cannot get discounted. What also can not be discounted it the undeniable fact that their best player has a history of going flat in the front in big moments, Bosh is not nearly as effective when playing with both Bron and Wade at the same time, and Wade is not the same impactful player when he is not dominating the basketball. As a team, the Heat are completely lost in the half court so if the game gets slowed down and they have to rely on half court offense, they have no other options than to play 1:1 basketball; forcing jumpers and standing around looking at each other. It’s true…check the tape of all of their losses this year. For the Heat to really be a dominant, #CantNobodyBeatThem squad, they need a true facilitating point guard….#thatisall

2.Oklahoma City Thunder– Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Two guys who can go for 40 at their respective positions at the same time. Tough interior presence, and a scorer coming off the bench in Harden. They are the more explosive, more electrifying, defensive minded San Antonio Spurs. They pushed the Mavs last year and inexperience and chemistry led to them missing the prize. I’m not sure how much the chemistry has improved between KD and Westbrook, but OKC is committed to them both so if there is a problem, they got some time to figure it out. I have a hard time seeing a team beating this team in the West.

1. The New York Knicks– Yeah I said it; and no this is not a #Linsanity pick because I am not delusional like those who believe that one man is enough to win it all. However, need I remind you that the last point guard to be dangerous in a Mike Dantoni system, Steve Nash, never had the weapons around him that Lin does. Amare will be very similar to the Amare in Phoenix. Tyson Chandler is much more dominant defensively and offensively than any center present during the Phoenix years of “dominance”. The role players are young and athletic and let’s not forget that the best pure scorer in the league plays for the Knicks…Carmelo. If Carmelo buys in completely to this new look Knicks, it could be a problem for the EAST! Of course there is that issue of team defense…but again they play more defense than other Dantoni led teams.

If you haven’t been watching hoops all year, I don’t blame you. It’s been riddled with careless play, nagging injuries and over reported trade rumors. However, it’s about to heat up and if you are looking for some entertaining “reality television” to watch I would suggest it. Those are my picks to win it all this year (my Lakers being my secret darkhorse to win it all).

Am I wrong in my list? Who would you pick? Who shouldn’t be there? Who would you insert?

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3 thoughts on “The Ring Is Indeed The Thing

  1. This isn’t a list of whose most likely to win it all is it? Because I know you don’t believe that the Knicks are the best team in the NBA, which is what you’ve lead me to believe here. A dangerous team indeed that I don’t wanna see in May, but still. I do agree with your other 4 teams (not in that order), and I would put the lakers on that list also; however I disagree with your assessment of the Bulls. We don’t need a “dynamic” 2 guard. If we’re healthy, we’ll be just fine.

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