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The Right History Month

Point Made

Around this time every year, one of the favorite pastimes among salty white people is begging the question of why there exists no White History Month. More often than not, the question is a rhetorical jab at Black History Month. Amusingly, no one ever seems to have a problem with the respective Asian, Jewish *cough*white, Hispanic and Native American months, but I digress. To answer the question of why there’s no White History Month – especially as it relates to Black History Month – is simple: it’s bad PR.

Regardless of what Carter G. Woodson envisioned, the primary reason why Black History Month is nationally-recognized is to shut black people the f up. And now they want to remove the “harsh truths” of slavery and the struggle from the past…go figure.  In the face of social unrest, the nation opted to create, as comedian Paul Mooney would say, the “illusion of inclusion” and since 1976, it’s been – for lack of a better term – on & crackin’. Sentimental black folks can now refer to Black History Month as a supposed testament to America having an investment in their humanity and progress.

I’m a fan of Black History Month, kinda; but not because I think it’s a lost cause, or even because I desire some warped sense of fairness that disgruntled white folks and their pet Negroes usually speak of when denouncing the month. I just find it disturbing how the occasion tends to shape the discourse on what’s acceptable black history. It restricts the history to a bunch of soft stuff, like “black firsts”– as if black people have no existence or purpose outside of being imitators of white people. It essentially ropes off what I’d consider to be the more important lessons to be learned from our history and traps not only black people, but everyone else who acknowledges the month as a serious entity in a glass box.

As for White History Month, its creation would probably aid in shattering this glass box. Considering “white” history comes with quite a few footnotes of fucking black people over, some interesting dialogue would likely arise were such a month ever to exist. If we’re going to talk about white people’s actions from an explicitly racial standpoint, I’d imagine it’d be pretty difficult to do so without making mention of how this country owes it’s foundation to centuries of explicit racism. Is this really something we’re going to celebrate? Pettiness aside – is this really something that white people want to explore with regularity?

Its existence would likely neutralize Black History Month and pop the lid right off the trend of liberal white folks and goofy ass black people always trying to cheat the truth. It’d help tend to the post-civil-rights trance that black people are currently in as a result of trading their common sense for the ‘privilege’ of becoming surrogate white people.

The single best thing that white people in this country have going for them is that their history isn’t branded as “white.” It helps contribute to the ‘comfortable’ notion that the essence of America exists as it does “just because”; or as a result of some ingredient that’s no longer present.

And I’m going to leave you on this hilarious note….When Black History Month Gone Wrong



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