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Greatest Female Vocalist of All Time…

has to be Whitney Houston right? I mean,  granted she has really been relevant the early 90’s, but unless you have been living under a rock the past few days, you have undoubtedly been exposed to the musical greatness that is Whitney Houston. On Saturday, February 11, 2012 the world lost a legend and while we could bemoan her tragic fall from supremacy, highlighting the marriage to Bobby Brown, off and on canoodling with Ray J, and of course the famed “Crack is Whack” interview with Barbara Walters, we would be doing her and her influence in the lives of many a disservice.The reality of her pain is that everyone has been through tough times and it’s all relative to our situations; let’s be honest, we probably could all share stories of grand humiliation where there was far less temptation, fewer people around waiting for us to fail, and obviously a much, much smaller platform of scrutiny. So today’s blog is not going to focus on those things or criticize those who bring those who want to focus on those failures or missteps. We also are not going to discuss whether or not going to discuss whether or not the Grammy’s should have done more for her, or if we agree or disagree on “the appropriateness” of Jennifer Hudson signing one of her smash hits! No…we are going to discuss something much more honorable and probably much more interesting. The Following is my Top 10…ALL TIME….WHITNEY HOUSTON….GREATEST HITS…I’m almost cringing at the thought of compiling it because I am sure to have missed one that someone else thinks should be there….but anyway here we go.

First of all my list started with 17 tracks….and i know I passed on some just because while I may be familiar with them, most probably would not even know enough about them to consider.

Honorable Mention: “Joy to the World” (Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack/One Wish Holiday Album); “I’m Every Woman” (Bodyguard Soundtrack); “Greatest Love Of All” & “How Will I Know” (Whitney Houston self titled Album); “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Whitney Album); “All the Man I Need” (I’m Your Baby Tonight Album); and finally Star Spangled Banner…the greatest rendition of all time (Super Bowl 25 and no it was not lip synched)

10. QUEEN OF THE NIGHT- Bodyguard Soundtrack; very underrated song. Remember when Rachel Maron was signing this song at the night club and “Frank is off to the side”? A guy jumps on stage to dance with her and as Frank is about to make his move she looks at him and puts her hand up as if to tell him to stop? Then when all them fools jumped on stage and she got knocked off…then she want to scream for help….

9.  WHY DOES IT HURT SO BAD- Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack; one of my favorite songs off the soundtrack (every song written or co written by Babyface..didn’t know that)…yes I owned the soundtrack and enjoyed the movie #DontJudgeMe

8.  I LOVE THE LORD- The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack; decent movie, but again another great soundtrack.

7. I’m YOUR BABY TONIGHT- I’m Your Baby Tonight Album; again I believe this song is underrated.

6. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU- Bodyguard Soundtrack; this song probably makes  most people’s number one. Originally written and performed by Dolly Parton but Whitney completely owned this song and made it what hers.

5. YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE – to me…baaaaaaabeeeeeeeey! Sorry got lost there. Whitney Houston Album. When you here this song, tell me you can’t see yourself at a late 80’s prom slow dancing to this?

4. SAVING ALL MY LOVE- Whitney Houston Album; this song was very jazz like. I visualize listening to this song in a lounge, sipping a sophisticated cognac or bourbon ….and then that saxophone accents….#GreatSong

3. DIDN’T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL- Whitney Album; Man at age 7, i know I did not understand the gravity of the lyrical content of this song, but as I reflect i know some people were playing this when they broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend at the time….

2. RUN TO YOU- Bodyguard Soundtrack; truth be told, depending on the day this song could easily flip with the number one song. Go back in your mind to this video and remember Frank watching the video of Rachel Marron running through the clouds in her white dress with hair gently blowing with the breeze and Rachel watching him watch her video from her bedroom…#Classic

On February 1st, the #WriterzBlock brought you Celebrity Deaths Come in Threes and while none of the names mentioned in the post completed the Etta james, Don Cornelious Trifecta, I never would have expected the death of Whitney Houston to be the name that joined and subsequently overshadowed these two. So remember the Legend, The Icon, the MUSIC that is Whitney Houston.

1. And I leave you with my all time favorite Whitney Houston Album…. from again the Bodyguard Soundtrack….

Those are my favorites…what’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Greatest Female Vocalist of All Time…

    • See i treat Aretha and others before my time like I do the Wilt Chamberlin and Bill Russell’s of the world. I won’t bash people who argue for those people, I just don’t really rank them because I did not live during a time to really appreciate them.

      • Yeah but it’s almost impossible to collect enough footage to compare those guys against players of today. Pretty much all music can be gotten with relatively little effort. So I think you can compare them fairly

        • You can definitely compare them skill wise, I agree. However, I guess I have to consider the impact the music had on me as it was written during a time when I first experienced it. I can tell a person what I get from the song Respect, but it probably doesn’t have near the same impact on me as it does on person who heard it when it first came out on radio.

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