Lust and Love

I Choo Choo Choose You

Remember in elementary school when Valentine’s Day was kind of a big deal?  Your mom went out and got a package of cartooned themed cards for the amount of kids in your class and you spent the night addressing them to everyone.  Maybe your teacher spent a few minutes of class time letting you cut out mailboxes to put them in and there was a big class exchange of cards and candy and you got all hopped up before you went home.

Then in middle/high school the Student Council got together and for $1 you could send a carnation or rose to a sweetheart in class.  Maybe it was from some nerd you couldn’t believe had a crush on you.  Maybe from a bff that dropped a whopping $10 to send flowers to all their closest friends.  Maybe you were fast and boo’d up.  Either way there was some great anticipation when there was a knock on the classroom door hoping you’d get a flower.

And now, as an adult, I’m constantly bombarded with down with Valentine’s Day sentiments.  Why?  Because “it’s just a commercial holiday made up by card companies to sell chocolates and diamonds and I don’t need to be told to spend the day proving my love to anyone cause I do it all the time and it’s just for women and men don’t get anything out of the deal so why even bother” ness.  Or something along those lines.  And none of that makes sense to me.

Maybe I’m in the minority.  I like the romagicallness of RomCom’s and Chick Lit and yes even the commercial holiday called Valentine’s.  Is there a need to go overboard with life size teddy bears from Walgreens?  Depends on if that’s your thing or not, but either way I don’t see anything wrong with it.  I think it’s incredibly cheesy cute that you can reserve a table at Chick Fil A and get the full on table service and white linens and a photo.  I like when people in the office get deliveries of roses and chocolates.  I like it even more when they share the candy!  I like hearing about people’s plans for celebrations, from big expensive hotel overnights and dinners to a bunch of girl friends getting together to go eat and celebrate their singlness.

I have a tiny kid.  This year I bought her a BluRay copy of Beauty and the Beast and a Snoopy & Woodstock heart tshirt.  Did that break the bank? No, it was a routine Target trip and I threw them in the basket.  But I saw it and thought about her.  Isn’t that mostly the point of the idea behind the commercialism of Valentine’s Day? I thought about you and got you this red or pink item?  Can you do that any day of the year? Sure! But why not also on the 14th?

Those of you with kids, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with them or teach them to be tiny bitter humans?  Those without kids, what do you think you’ll do if/when the time comes?  Is it really that bad to get a small token of affection on a designated day or do I just have on rose and diamond colored glasses?


And although I can’t full wrap my head around the passing of Whitney (I feel way to young for this to have happened), here’s some pre Valentine’s Day sanging to get you in the mood.


6 thoughts on “I Choo Choo Choose You

  1. I will give my children something on VDay! I think it goes a long way in showing them, especially the girls, how love can be shown in a simple token of affection. Now, i think jewelry and stuff like that may be a little too much, but definitely a card and small token! I

  2. Great morning to you! For me Valentine’s Day is like any other holiday. It’s just a day to do a little extra. Doesn’t mean that you are not loved throughout the year. Like Thanksgiving, you can cook that dinner anytime of the year but we do it BIG on that day. It’s not like you can’t get together any other time. Anything can be made commercial. The Superbowl is not a holiday but we tend to celebrate it anyway with parties and decorations. Half the time people are not even watching the game. So, if you want to do a little extra then go for it. It’s definitely more things available…LOL. As for my kids, I’m sure that I will always have something special for them when they wake up. I will teach them that caring is all year round and if you want to do a little more then do it. If it makes your significant other feel extra special what’s wrong with that? They didn’t get with you for Valentine’s day so a reminder of that love is nice especially when it’s the day to show love. Most people show love throughout the year so what’s wrong with showing it one more time? If you don’t have anyone then do something nice for yourself. Self-love is wonderful thing. Love is a wonderful thing!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! 

  3. I’ll get my kids stuff, if I ever have any, and only b/c my parents got me stuff. Little small trinkets, a card, balloons, flowers, whatever. I guess it’ll have to be age appropriate when the time comes. As for me…I dont get into the holiday at all. Or, I try not to. Even when I was boo’d up…valentine’s day wasn’t typical b/c it was his birthday. Now, I’m single, most of my friends are boo’d up (so they have plans), and it’s still his b’day…so, I’m good. lol.

  4. I love Valentines day whether I am single or dating someone. If dating someone then we go out if not I either spend it with the other single friends I love and have a blast or I spend it with the person I have the utmost love for, myself. Either way im happy. Who truly doesn’t love a day dedicated to what we all have or strive to have? Def will teach my kids to celebrate it or at least not to dislike it.

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