Lust and Love

So What Exactly Is the Point…

Of Valentine’s Day? I mean take all of the commercialization out of it; remove the emotionally detached gifts that are purchased to symbolize “your love”; get rid of all the “jilted lovers out there” who made it through Christmas with someone but find themselves with a “single ” face book designations and pathetic “bah hum bug” statuses and tweets.  Strip all of that away from Valentine’s Day and, for yourself, simply ask the question…What’s The Point? In my mind there are a few responses that could come from that  one simple question and, if you ask your self the question sincerely, not only will you receive a genuine answer, but it should raise some awareness to the inner recesses of who you really are.

Oh and this blog is specifically for dudes because, unless you live in another universe, Valentine’s Day is a One-Way holiday.

1) TO DEMONSTRATE MY AFFECTION– for that special someone. If that’s your true reasoning, then you should be commended. I would also like to put you in the anomaly category and thus ask you the subsequent question of, “Is this the only day that you demonstrate your affection?” Because, if it is,  for 364 (365 if we are in a leap year, as we are this year) you ain’t doing nothing for that special someone…and in my opinion that renders your ridiculous Valentine’s Day token of appreciation useless. I mean you may reach your intended goal, but that wouldn’t demonstrate affection to me.

2) DOING NOTHING WILL LEAD TO DRAMA– which is a very honest, and unfortunately, and very real reason as to why most participate in this sham of a holiday. The media, tradition, and commercialization of this day has forced the majority of people to believe that not showing your boo-thang how much you care, negates everything that you have done before, and everything that you could do after. I could buy flowers on the 13th…”just because” and write a love song on the 15th…just because, but if i don’t shell out some money or an extraordinary amount of time on the 14th…I don’t care…Bullshit.

3) TO GTD (Get the Draws)– If trickin is the only method you have of accomplishing this……..never mind

4) TO MAKE SURE I GET SOMETHING TOO– and what happens if you go all out of your way to “impress” on this “special day” and you still get nothing in return? You gone get mad and take all of your stuff back? #MissME

5) BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT– which is so sad to admit, but you know it’s true for some of you. See you may be the guy that has the girl that instead f her getting pissed that you didn’t do anything…she just gets disappointed. Her disappoint usually goes unspoken but comes with a variety of “you mother$&#(#*” type looks. Her disappointment is felt every time the two of you walk together and see other couples enjoying one another on this day. Her disappointment can be visualized in your mind every time one of her obnoxious co-workers or ratchet friends, gathers everyone around to show what “they man did for them.” Heck you fall into the trap that compels you to do something because you assume that her disappointment actually exist and that you don’t want her looking or feeling stupid; when in reality she could care less about Valentine’s Day…which is exactly why you are still left empty handed.

I mean for those that celebrate…kudos to you…I guess. And for those who will celebrate, for any of the reasons above, I guess you just have to do what you have to do. Just remember, if your heart is not in it…what’s the point…really?

Fellas, do you or have you fall(en) into one of the 5 categories listed above? Ladies do you even realize the amount of pressure you put on your significant other as it relates to these “special occasions?”


4 thoughts on “So What Exactly Is the Point…

  1. LOL! No pressure here all I want is 2 Honeycrisp apples and a kiss on the forehead and if it makes him feel better he can give it to me today. Thank you Management.

  2. The simple solution is to either A) get a woman who doesn’t care about these special occasions or B) be single. I dont understand the complaints about it but i also have to blog Monday so I might air my grievances then lol.

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