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Skill or Luck?

Eli Manning has yet another SuperBowl ring.

It’s not so much that he beat Tom Brady…THE Tom Brady…twice.  It’s not that he has more rings than his brother.  It’s the simple fact that he has gone to the ‘ship twice.  And won!  It’s a baffling fact.   With my moderate football knowledge, I can’t seem to wrap my head around this.  I watch waaay too much football so I have seen my fair share of Giants games and I watch Eli Manning and I think “Why do people give this guy props? He’s so inconsistent.” And I scrunch my face and shake my head and wait for the Redzone guy to flip to another game for me.

But after watching the SuperBowl, I began to wonder how much skill and luck play in the course of fame.  Eli Manning has more rings than Peyton.  Skill or luck? Luke Walton…LUKE WALTON…has more rings than Lebron James.  Skill or luck? (I hate Luke Walton to where I physically boo at the TV for the few seconds the Lakers put him in the game).  Madonna sang at halftime.  Accompanied by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.  Skill or luck?  If talent were measurable, there would be maybe an ounce between the three of them.  And yet they are mega super duper famous.  Famous enough for me to know who they are in ridiculous costumes and wigs and watch them strut around lip synching to songs for 31 minutes and sing with them!  How on earth is this possible?

Bauski (@bauski) was complaining on Twtitter this weekend about Beyonce’s level of education.  Did she get a diploma or a GED or what. And everyone said none of that mattered because she was crazy rich and famous.  Because that is the point of going to school and hours of practice, to succeed in whatever and make money and blah blah.  But if you’re lucky enough for your dad to know the right people and you can kinda sorta do some stuff and get famous people to train you to do the rest (coughLUKEWALTONcough)…what do you need anything else for?  Isn’t that the goal?  To be rich and/or famous?

And does it just pertain to sports and entertainment?  Look at politicians.  Did Dubya Luke Walton his way into being POTUS not once but twice?  Or was there actual skill involved?  How do most politicians work their way up to the top?  Schmoozing with the right folks or working hard and catering to their constituents’ wishes.

So what do you push for?  Skill or luck.  Is there such a thing as just being in the right place at the right time?  Is Eli Manning really just that good and I won’t get it until the end of his career?  Does Beyonce’s education count for anything in life when everyone is getting bodied?   Are there any entertainers with great skill that actually deserve to be as famous as they are?  Is my hatred for Luke Walton unwarranted?  Let me know. 


5 thoughts on “Skill or Luck?

  1. Dang…don’t throw me under the bus!! I asked a simple question..does she have a diploma or GED..all the Beyonce fans got who was complaining!! Don’t trying to Shit Romney me! Lol!!

    Also Eli Manning isn’t great but he has a knack for the football that loves him. Kind of like Chuck Hayes when he was with the Rockets..he wasn’t a great player, but he always found himself in the right place at the right time. It made him a better player, some things cant be explained!!

    FYI…I Love will take care of Jay-Z baby if they divorced love.

  2. I’m going to need you let Luke Walton cook! He is riding the bench to millionaire status like a bunch of cats in the league (makes me bitter too, I’m just trying to stop be a hater).

    I don’t think Beyonce’s education matters until/if she tries to move outside of the entertainment realm. If she is teaching a class on anything except singing or dancing, I got issues!! I don’t mind B, she tends to stay in her lane, but Tyrese ole no educated behind being filasofikal (<how he would have spelled it) chaps my hide.

    I vote for skill every time. Luck is too random, it doesn't hurt, but Skill is something I can somewhat control.

  3. Honorable mentions Antwon Dotson and every IDOL ” winner” that have exhausted their 15 minutes of fame…..Pure LUCK!

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