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How To Invest For Free..

Yesterday, I felt real sadden that my Alma Mater, Jack Yates High School (predominantly black school), has fallen to a 3A status…in Houston!! We are the fourth largest city in the United States.  Why is this happening? When I try to look for answers, I find myself in a fight for reasoning. I come up with all types of arguments.  In my opinion, when it boils down to it we have lost a wealthy investment in the Black home. We don’t invest time in our kids any more. We feel its up to the schools to raise our kids. I grew up in the Houston Independent School District system, and I turned out fine. Between my mom and grandma, they made sure that studying and grades were top priority over everything else. They couldn’t help me with any of my classes, but I know I better bring home good grades, (or else!). They knew the value in having an education. I really can’t blame the schools for our kids education, and diminishing enrollment.

These days people complain about their kids not getting the proper education, but are they really investing time in their kids. Now, I will admit there are some crappy teachers in HISD, but that’s everywhere. It’s up to us to make sure our kids are getting their lessons, help them prepare for college. Even if we didn’t go ourselves. Having children is a beautiful gift, but with that being said it takes work to raise kids.  We can help our kids prepare for college without having gone ourselves. My college experience won’t be the same as my kids, when I do have some! But when I was in college, I was around people who were just like me. We didn’t have much at all, but between all of us we had everything we needed.  Our parents couldn’t give us much, but we made it anyways to (Southwest) Texas State University through their hardball tactics. My mom told me, “Army or University, take your pick, but you getting out of here!”

People are moving into neighborhoods where they think their kids are going to get a proper education, and they may not to knock all parental decisions. In my opinion, that looks bad on the parent still.  You mean you don’t have time to help your kid outside of school. What are you doing that important to where you can’t sit down with your kid for 30 minutes a day to talk about school? My high school classmate told me over the Summer break, school didn’t end for him. His mom made him read two books, and write two book reports. He said he didn’t like it then, but once he got older he realize that wasn’t asking for much at all. He explained that they wasn’t 200 page books, and it was only two books in a three-month period. To me, I wish my mom would have added that into my schooling. I wouldn’t have liked them then but I would have appreciated them now…like whippings! To make a long story short invest in your kids. Black people are some strong people, we need to stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s. They may look good on paper, and that may be it…just on paper! You can give your kid a wealth of knowledge.

Now these are just my mere opinions, and probably what I will do to raise my unborn. I believe in Black people, and I will never stop believing in Black people, but we have to be strong again. No obstacle is too tough for us, no one!!

“Be careful whose success you define success as!”


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