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I don’t know you

I had an awkward moment the other day.  I was speaking at an event and one of the students came up after my talk to chop it up for a minute.  That was cool, happens all the time, its actually my favorite part about what I do.  But about 2 mins into the convo things got…..ugh wellera lets just say things got interesting. 

Kid asked if my son was feeling better.  I know I looked at him crazy because he laughed and said, oh “I heard you talked about that on FB.” WHAT!? I don’t know you on the internet or real life.  Move around dude. 

That awkward moment got me to thinking about the curse of the internet.  Technology has made it easy for people to say, they know you.  They can google you, follow you on twitter and FB stalk you and you would be like Mitt Romney around poor people….clueless!

I don’t put a lot of personal info out there but it doesn’t take much for people to feel linkedin or connected.  Sharing your trials, triumphs, and quotes of the day is enough for some cats to feel like ya ace.

But listen here you friend of a friend of a friend that I may have went to the same college just different years but now you think that makes us cool.  It doesn’t! If I never met you anywhere except online and we happen to bump into each other, its not the time to catch up.  Cause we don’t know each other.

This goes for friends of a friend of a friends that I have met in real life too.  You know that awkward moment when you recognize a face in the mall but can’t quite put’cha fanga on where you know them from.  Save everyone the awkward convo and just smile and nod. Smile and nod. Don’t come up to me like, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?!  Ugghhh I never forget a face!!” Really? Now what? I guess you want me to play along and toss out names of random people that we both might know.   Or better yet toss out churches and YMCA’s where I hang until you get it.  Then you follow that up with, “I knew I recognized your face, have a god day.”  FAIL.

Am I being anti-social? Or are these moments awkward for you ?


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