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Celebrity Deaths Come in Threes…(Black History Edition)

First let me open up this blog up by saying RIP Don Cornelius…you will be missed (still not sure how RIP condolences benefit the deceased or how many people will actually miss the person who has just passed…but out of respect for the common practice of most people living, it just seems like the appropriate way to acknowledge a tragedy).

Seeing as how the #WriterzBlock is quickly becoming one of the main sources of thought provoking information within the blogging community, we have collectively decided to dedicate some of our material to highlight influential figures or historic activity in the black community. Today is one of those “Black History” type of blogs and please understand that the following is not meant to belittle the deaths of those who have passed, offend any person who has been affected by death, or wish anything on any one person….it is simply a blog that highlights this notion of Celebrity deaths occurring in 3’s. I was in a meeting this morning and Don Cornelius death and tragic circumstances surrounding his demise came up. While talking about the situation and reflecting on *leans way back with microphone* SOOOOUUULLLLL *coming forward with microphone* Train *comes to complete stop microphone still in hand*, one of my colleagues exclaimed, “I wonder who’s next.” I replied with confusion, “What do you mean who’s next?” She went on to say that celebrity deaths come in threes and that there are sure to be at least two more sooner than later” I instantly thought this idea was preposterous, but, doing my due diligence….I decided to look it up and see if this particular person was just being there typical delusional self.

To my surprise I found the following:

In Feb. 1959- Buddy Holly, Ricky Valence and the Big Bopper all died in the same plane crash in Iowa.

In the same week in September- Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon (musical artist) and Three’s Company’s own John Ritter all died.

In 2008- Actress Suzanne Pleshette as well as Actors Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger all

And most recently in June 25 we saw the deaths of Ed McMahon, Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcet, and the great Michael Jackson all be pronounced death within a few days of each other.

So it got me to thinking. Of our legendary celeberties in the black community, what deaths would surprise us and how would they die? Who would or could provide the final two pieces to this Soulful death trifecta? Here are a few thoughts (again, i would never wish death on anyone):

Cecily Tyson- Keep in mind that this is a phot of Cicely Tyson at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards. She looks young, healthy and full of life here; much different then all of her movie roles over the past several years. I remember One particular twitter follower saying that she is truly the black community’s #OldNegroImageRepresenter. I would be completely shocked if Ms. Tyson just all of a sudden passed away!



Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest musical influences in the world. I believe that the world would be devastated by an untimely death of this musical legend.




With the anticipation of this Final ‘Friday’ movie that is impending…the unfortunate demise of Chris Tucker would be completely shocking. Tell me you aren’t looking forward to Smokey reuniting with Cube, Da-Da, etc. etc.





Again, with the news of Don Cornelius passing today,  a legend has moved on to the other side. Not the best start to a celebration of black history, but you have to take the good with the bad. These are just a few people that would shock me if I heard they passed away within this week.

Are there others who would shock you? Anybody that wouldn’t necessarily shock you? Let us know!


5 thoughts on “Celebrity Deaths Come in Threes…(Black History Edition)

  1. The last two comments are right: Whitney Houston has completed the “trifecta” since this article went online. Plus, another notable trifecta of African-American celebrities *in general* passed away in late 2005/early 2006: James Brown on Christmas Day 2005 and Lou Rawls and Coretta Scott King both in early 2006. Also, since this article went online, celebrities–African-American and otherwise–have been passing away left and right more than during some other years. (This is not unlike 2009, the most notable of celebrities-die-in-threes example that year being, of course, Ed McMahon, and two days later, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.) Ironically (and speaking of Michael and Whitney, respectively), the King and Queen of Pop both were African-Americans, both were R&B singers, died at a young age, and each did so during a year when celebrities were dying left and right and at a seemingly faster rate than, as I said, in some other years.

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