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Pole Position

What’s up WB fans?  It’s time for me to get a little ignorant before BHM.  Some of my readers may or may not know that I used to be somewhat of what some may call a womanizer.  No big deal, I love women, but what guy doesn’t?  But in my experiences I just knew when the time came to have a kid that I’d have a daughter and low and behold, guess who’s a proud father of an awesome baby girl….THIS GUY!  But regardless of how I used to be, I only have one goal as a father…KEEP MY DAUGHTER OFF THE POLE!

Those were the wise words of Chris Rock to all fathers everywhere. The one duty of a father, he said, was to keep their daughter away from a career stripping.

Insert your daughter here?

It’s probably redundant to add, keep her out of porn too. That’s sort of implicit in what he said. Yet increasingly, the San Fernando Valley in California is inundated with girls who think that they might have found a back door to fame by whoring themselves on camera.  I was watching a documentary the other night about “video vixens” called “Kiss & Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff” which was mainly about SuperHead and her exploits, but we’ll save that for another blog.  Then I saw another one about Ron Jeremy, the world’s best known male porn star, and I found it tragicomic, poignant, and ultimately depressing.

Here’s a man who is engaging, warm, friendly and self-deprecating. A man from a good New York Jewish family, who works like a champ even at 50 plus. A man who many other men believe has had the best life in the world.  Yet he’s lonely, depressive, and ultimately frustrated in his lifetime ambition to make it in mainstream movies as an actor.

That got me thinking: if that’s how life ended up for the industry’s success story, how did others fare in porn?  Then I found a blog, which tracks porn stars after their career. And the answer to my question was revealed. And it was frightening.  Sure, Stormy Daniels is running for Senate and Jenna Jameson is a millionairess. But what about all the others? Let’s start with Chasey Lain, who was once so well known that she had a top 10 hit written about her.

Now a crackpipe ho. Pretty tragic. But she’s still alive. Which is more than can be said for:

Billy London: murdered, his head and feet found in a dumpster
Marilyn Chambers: heart attack after taking prescription meds
Bryan Kocis: murdered by two other gay porn actors
Buck Adams: repeated heart attacks caused by drug and alcohol abuse led to his death at 52
David Wasserman: suicide
Missy: dead of a drug overdose at 41
Anastasia Blue: dead, apparently from drug use
Megan Lee: suicide by gunshot wound at 26
Melba Bruce: dead in her thirties in mysterious circumstances
Miyouki Asou: suicide at 22, believing porn had ruined her life
Paige Summers: drug overdose at 27

And others are alive, but clearly damaged:

Kay Parker: believes she’s been alive for 6,000 years.
Lori Michaels: faked her own death to avoid porn fan stalkers
Houston: former drug addict, cancer sufferer, now a Christian, sacked from her job because of her porn past
Alisandra: arrested for employing underage girls as strippers
Janine Lindemulder: jailed for tax evasion and lost custody of her kid
Tommy Saxx: jailed for credit card fraud
Fleur Brown: crack addict, jailed for trying to sell the virginity of a 13 year old
Hyapatia Lee: suffering from multiple personality disorder following the trauma of her porno experience
Jack Venice: jailed for raping a college girl

I probably didn’t need to reproduce so many names. But I wanted to counter any charge that I was cherrypicking horror stories here.  Sure, some porno stars get out alive and relatively well. Though who knows what’s going on inside their heads?  But this lengthy list of casualties has some common threads running through it: drug abuse, suicide, criminality, suspect car accidents, murder.  Given the small number of porn stars, and the incredibly young ages some of these people died at, it seems to me that one of the best ways to preserve your life to a respectable age would be to avoid porno as a career choice.

Let’s go back to Chasey Lain before I finish. She was the subject of the Bloodhound Gang’s 1990 hit ‘Ballad of Chasey Lain’ in 1990. But nearly two decades on, she’s still apparently doing porn, when her crackpipe addiction permits her to perform.  She has a son. She’s still not even 40. But like others on this list, she’ll be dead or jailed soon enough.  I’m no prude and I’m not judgemental. I’m not a big fan of porno generally. It’s monotonous, sort of gross sometimes, and hilarious if you actually listen to the script. But it’s not a $10 billion industry for nothing. People like it and buy it and use it all the time.  Someone’s making that $10 billion, but it’s clearly not the performers. Not those who died through murder or suicide or overdose. Not those in jail, or ill, or mad. Not even relatively successful and affluent people like Ron Jeremy or Jenna Jameson.  And whoever’s making the money clearly doesn’t give a shit for the performers, who to them are as dispensible as the tissues they wipe down their sets with when their done filming.

I recently came across a campaign against cocaine which berated coke users for being ‘selfish’ because something like 3 square meters of rain-forest is cleared to produce every gram or so of the drug.  What a species of people we are, who care more for trees than we do for people.

Porno can be bad for people who consume it, since it can become addictive and replace genuine affection and sexuality in people’s lives.  But it is far more destructive to those who perform in it.

Will we ever see an anti-porn campaign that is based, not on Christian disgust or feminist outrage, but on genuine concern for the people being damaged by the industry?  Do we really care more for Brazilian trees than we do for flesh and blood people?  Is fatherly love and affection all it takes to keep your daughter off the pole and out of porn?  Any other advice for a new father?  

Thanks for tuning in…..

BROWNLEE aka “Addy Daddy”


4 thoughts on “Pole Position

  1. Man that’s crazy information. Doesn’t surprise me yet I don’t know that I would ever have expected so many depressing stories for individuals that have participated or are participating or will participate in this industry.

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