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Getting Old…er

I’ve been noticing that I feel older.  Not like “ugh being a parent drains you” whiny sort of way because I don’t feel that way.  And it’s not like my bones pop (that much) when I walk, it’s just…maybe I’m growing up?  Or there are just a lot more people younger than me than it used to be.

Case in point; I’m buying groceries.  Got my nice recyclable bags with me.  Some whole grain waffles for the kid.  Fiber bars for snack in tow.  Coupons clipped.  I’m about to check out and look to see if there are any sales on candy bars and see that a Twix bar now runs 99 cents.  $.99.   I mumbled some obscenities under my breath and looked back to see if maybe it was a king size or special edition or something.  It was not.  A regular ass regular Twix bar.  99 cents.  Since when?!  And i remembered saying “I remember when candy bars were fifty cents,” and then I realized I say “I remember when” a lot.

I think the 90’s were 10 years ago.  They were not.

I lust after these jeans from Banana Republic.  Correction: TROUSERS.  I wear trousers! They’re denim but Banana calls them trousers.  Because when things cost $90 they are trousers.  I saw them at the before Black Friday sale when I was buying the perfect pair of khakis.  And I am just waiting for a sale to go back and get them.  And get this! We went to the mall the other day and I went in American Eagle and NOTHING appealed to me.  Whatsoever.

Oh yeah, I never go to the mall on Saturday.  My Saturdays are spent at brunch or the movies.  Sundays are spent at Gymboree and whatnot.

And it’s not a complaint at all.  Just like a hey look at me being…the same but different.

Have you noticed yourself becoming old..er (parents and non-parents)?  Do you like it better than the days you would stay up all crazy hours of the night and still go to work in the morning?  Did you know that Twix costs 99 cents?!  Is this real life now?


2 thoughts on “Getting Old…er

  1. I notice i’m getting older or growing up or whatever you wanna call it a lot more these days. I’m buying less and less sneakers. I date/approach older women more often. I listen to music that didn’t even interest me just like 5 years ago. But I still have an immature sense of humor…that’s what will always keep me young.

  2. The same thing happened to me. I wanted some of those Sour Patch thingys and I was like a dollar? I can make that for a dollar. I say that a lot. How much? I sure I can make that. smh….

    Although I still wear the most disrespectful short azz dresses but I always want to pair it up with a nice cardigan……smh….

    Yesterday there was an older lady trying on a sweater that I just tried on…….I bought 2. 😦

    Clubs annoy me but I will hit up a day party because I know that I can still be in the bed by 10pm…

    I look forward to Sunday brunches with the girls. We get excited about scrapbooking, new recipes, and pinterest.

    I don’t feel old but I’ve noticed that I do the things my aunts do.

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