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“Y Do America Luv Dum Shows?

For America to be one of the wealthiest (even with being in so much debt with China) countries in the world, we so lack common sense and IQ. Don’t get me wrong because there are some smart people out there. I bet it’s a small percentage and I don’t really want to discuss them. We love to see ignorance!!

Let’s start off with Real Housewives of Atlanta. Maybe two of them are really married, but we watch the show to see ignorance..That’s entertainment right!! (Sarcasm) I think it kills more brain cells than marijuana. Black people on camera arguing, being messy, and fighting just to make a quick buck. I really think it makes the black people who don’t sellout for a buck look bad. People like ‘Fig’ Newt Gingrich who only know black people from what he sees on TV, actually thinks this of black people. Then they put ‘Real’ Housewives of Atlanta in the title!! Real!! Seriously!! Jesus be a guidance counselor!! There’s nothing real about this at all, this show needs to be moved to A&E.

Then there’s The Bachelor, what happen to good ol’ trial and error dating. You mean to tell me you are trying to make a match in a couple of weeks, really. You gather all these ladies, who are really just there for the publicity to get their acting career, or fulfill their Kim Kardashian dreams of being famous for nothing or getting bang on camera by the Money Team’s finest Ray J. These ladies are sure making their parents proud! (more sarcasm) If I can’t teach my daughter how to love or be love I have failed her as a parent. I should just submit her application to the Bachelor myself, or the local strip club. Furthermore, what son of mine is going to be a ladies’ man, but he has to pimp himself out to women in order to build his self esteem.

Last but not least, I like to present to you the Dumbest Show on Earth…

Yes, the Grand Ol’ Party!! This has to be the most ignorance I have endured since the last…nope this is the most ignorance I have ever witness in my life time. Although it’s not technically a show it’s lasted longer than Taye Diggs “Day Break.’ A bunch of bible thumping, part-time Christians (who don’t belong to a church, like most politicians), who really don’t practice what they learned in the good book. And are they out for black people or what?!

Rick Santorum: “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

Newt Gingrich: “African Americans should ask the government for paychecks and not food stamps, and that he’d be happy to speak to that effect at an NAACP conference.

Herman Cain: “African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.”

Rick Perry: Although he hasn’t officially been caught saying something, he did find out hunting black people is frowned upon…see “Niggerhead Rock.” Thanks Rick for ending your tenure as Governor next election. Running for President, publicizing your ignorance..thank you!

Ron Paul:  The fourth candidate, Ron Paul, believes “Lincoln should never have gone to war to end slavery.”

Mitt Romney:  Brought up a bad a Mormon (same difference) he believed and taught that God was so displeased with “spirit children” who remained neutral in the war against Lucifer that he turned their skin black.” See his ministry to France 1966-68.

Sometimes we have to sit back and really analyze why we like these shows, okay I did through the GOP debate in there, but you get my drift. Are we that lazy to get up and find a hobby?  Must we let a bunch of TV puppets dictate our state of mind. We tend to believe whatever these TV shows are portraying its actually real life. Let’s take time to get more involved with families, volunteering and do what’s right. These people on TV don’t live our lives, nor do we live theirs. Let’s focus on helping our communities, because TV will not. We always are looking for one of these celebrities to use whatever they have to come save us…not going to happen. We can be the success. Turn off the Idiot Box sometimes, unless the Houston Rockets are playing!

Good day folks..God Bless America!!



One thought on ““Y Do America Luv Dum Shows?

  1. I agree but marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells but alcohol sure as hell does and is way more harmful to you then marijuana and ppl don’t think twice when having a drink but when you bring up marijuana “oh, no I don’t do drugs” go do some research please no one has ever in the history of the earth died from marijuana and it has been here since the beginning

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