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“Break Was Over 15 Minutes Ago…Mitch”

Yes…once again it is time to celebrate another edition of the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. Now i could go into the importance of what this game means for the legacy of some of the players and coaches involved (Brady, Manning) . I could spend time trying to break the game down as well as give a prediction on the final outcome (talk about how the Giants need to get pressure or the Pats will carve up the G Men’s secondary).

I could also spend these precious few moments talking about some of the essential items that are needed to host a Super Bowl Party (i.e. Flat Screen Television in HD, season your BBQ the night before and fire up your pit at least 2 hours before putting any meat on it….oh and Spirits…if you are into that kind of thing….)

But I would much rather focus on the part of the festivities that have been a huge disappointment over the recent years; yes the part of the Superbowl that everyone talks about, regardless of your knowledge of football, the next day at work, in the grocery store, and probably with re tweets and clips on our favorite social media outlet….you don’t know? Here’s one of my all time favorites to highlight what I am talking about:

Now there have been some other timeless commercials (Budweiser Frogs, E Trade Baby, even some of the original go daddy commercials) as well as some ads that pulled at the heart strings. I happen to like Terry Tate because he does things at work that everyone, who has ever held a job, on any level, has wanted to do. He is an equal opportunity enforcer (he hits dudes and chicks) and still has the ability to be friendly. He is the epitome of efficient.

“Break was over 15 minutes ago…Mitch” That’s my favorite….what’s yours?


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