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Black Love Lost

***The following topic was conceived during a very intoxicated conversation***

**Actually most of The ShoeBag’s material is**

*Just remember to take nothing and everything I’m about to write seriously*


I felt the need to put that disclaimer up because I’m almost certain someone will have an issue with what I’m about to say. It’s not that I care what that person may think, but it’s necessary to have that insight going forward to understand what goes on in the mind of me and my friends. Generally when I ask some of these friends for ideas to write about, they’ll toss out a few suggestions and I’ll save them in my Struggleberry and either forget about it or share it with you. Well this is a topic I forgot about until I came across an article celebrating how the Obama’s may have created resurgence in “black love” with all their terrorist fist jabs and whatnot during Barry O’s initial campaign. Then I ran across this memory and it stung the brain: Barack Obama is quite possibly the reason why black dudes have more options than ever to date outside of our race. Because of him, and him alone, black love may have taken an irreversible hit. Yes, these are the things we talk about.

See, once upon a time, black men were only in the news for athletics and crime. And a non-black man’s worst nightmare was that his daughter would bring home…you guessed it; a black guy. That is, until this light skinded cat (I know he’s half white, but black people don’t like to be reminded of that. He’s ours…him and Blake Griffin) came in being all “articulate for a black man” and shit. Who knew non-black women would love the guy like that? It used to be that in order to increase your chances of getting the less pigmented color of trim you had to be stereotypically black, whatever the fuck that means. I’m guessing it means either tall, dark, muscular, and/or of the thuggish nature. Everything I’m not. Then in comes this skinny nigga, and he changed the game. Now it’s cool to be intelligent. Chicks no longer feel like they need some muscle bound Michael Clarke Duncan look alike to feel protected. Don’t get me wrong, no skinny nigga I know is gonna fight, but we’ve been trained to talk our way out of altercations. Or if you’re like me, you keep friends who are big, scary black guys.

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve lost my mind, right? Well everyone I’ve ever ran this theory across seems to agree with me. So it would seem to me that everyone has been wrong all along. It’s not prison or any of those other sociological statistics that are causing a rift, if you will, between black couples. And it’s certainly not that non-black women are “stealing” us away. It’s the guy most black women probably voted into office who is at fault. So for all of you out there who are advocates of black love; if you really want to sustain it, vote Republican.

This message was paid for by the Mitt Romney presidential campaign



One thought on “Black Love Lost

  1. This is hilarious..I don’t think he made it cool, but he made it more possible for women to express their love for a black man. Being President is a celebrity position. Hell Black women was loving Bill Clinton, he played the sax, smoke weed, and get into freaky shit in the White House. What black women would turn that down, unless they just not attracted to white men. Have men benefited from Obama “light skinned-ness” (nope its not a word, but it sounds cool), hell yeah. But to be honest what black man hasn’t hit something outside of his race…I know I would be lying a thousand times over.


    “Internationally Known Freddie Tibbs”

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