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I Really Need Better Approval Over These Things Pt. 3

Well the best thing about Think Like a Man is that Tyler Perry is not the director, executive producer, or personally starring in it as Madea. So shoutout to Steve Harvey, Director Tim Story and whomever else had a role in making a movie with a predominately black cast, and had the wherewithal to not include Tyler Perry.

With that out of the way, let me get to why I have a problem with this movie and have yet to see it. If you fast forward to about the 1:10 point, Steve Harvey is making this statement, “Ladies, until you understand the mind of a man, you are never going to win in the game of love.” WTF!

I really need better approval over these things before they are turned into major motion pictures, because they are leading an entire group of people astray. Everyone, ladies in particular, you don’t need to understand the mind of a man…or a woman…to be able to win in the game of love; you need to understand your own damn mind. When you understand your own mind you can do the following:

1) Make Your Own Decisions– see if you have your mind set on being promiscuous, then you would understand that winning in love requires that you be with someone who either is promiscuous as well or who does not have a problem with you wanting to be promiscuous. If you have your mind made up that trust is something that is a must in your next winning relationship, then someone telling you that they will pick you up at 7:30 and they don’t get there until 8:30 (repeatedly) will cause you to make appropriate decision about how deep you are going to get in that relationship.

2) Stop Blaming Others– When you understand your own mind then you will be able to go back and look at your failures, identify the areas in which you struggles or where you were part of the problem, and then decide to do differently the next time so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. You will hold yourself responsible and then implement the necessary boundaries to create a more positive relationship experience.

3) You Will Stop Trying To Win and Become More Realistic– Relationships, regardless of what stage they are in, will require some work. It’s not about you winning. Real relationship wins occur when both parties are willing to work at improving themselves so that the relationship will continue to improve. As long as both are willing to put in the necessary work (communicate, be honest and act with integrity, be willing to come out of your comfort zone at times, etc) then the relationship will win and the people in them will benefit.

It’s not rocket science….it’s about sacrifice, commitment, and endurance. We need to stop buying into quick fix, self help, “How to Get A Guy to Put A Ring On It IN Ten Days” philosophies and theories; start relishing in the simple, but effective…REALITY CHECK! Learn from the past, set goals for the future, but don’t be afraid to live in the RIGHT NOW in the most positive and effective way for you. SO Act like a lady, think like a lady and accept the consequences for the actions that you choose!

Was that too real? Should I have waited until after the movie came out? Am I just completely off based here?




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