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I Really Need Better Approval Over These Things pt. 2

Yesterday, Bre wrote a great blog regarding the current state of MLK Day and how she planned to celebrate in her own way.  Now that Martin L King, Jr’s actual birthday and the day that the country observes his birthday has come and gone, you’d assume that life will go back to normal for a few weeks until BHM.  Now that the day drinking, BBQ’s and parades have come to an end, what’s left to do to honor the late MLK?  For some, MLK Day is just the January holiday they get off from work, to others it has a deeper meaning.  Then you have those that complain about not being off for MLK Day but are the main ones who don’t live by any of teachings.

I’m a big fan of the Boondocks and they once touched on the subject of MLK still being alive today and how he’d feel about the world we live in today….

You still have to wonder, what would he think about the current “State of the Union” in 2012?  While I must admit that we’ve come a very long way, there are still events that still have me baffled on where the equality actually resides.  I’m pretty sure he’d be very proud of the leader of the Free World being a black man, but what about the rest of the free world?   Would MLK wan’t his image on a party invite next to a half naked young lady with drink specials plastered across his face?  If you think I’m playing, I’ve even seen a strip club, that shall remain nameless, have an “Obama Tuesday” which featured $0.44 cent drinks.  He’d really want to have approval over the things they put his name and/or face on for the future.   I can only imagine the things that MLK would want to have approval over in this new-look America.

For example, in the city where I live, Houston, they had not one but two MLK Day parades…some may assume that this is simply double your pleasure, double your fun.  The fact that these 2 parades are competing against one another completely and utterly defeats the purpose of even having a parade in the first damn place!  If black people can’t come together for something as simple as a parade, how do you figure they’re going to come together for a more serious topic, lets say equality?  Would MLK approve these parades, I think not!  Would the good Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior co-sign on the MLK Happy Hour?  I don’t think so player.   I could go on and on about the things that are out there today that MLK would so not approve if he had the option to do so, but I need to keep this blog short and sweet just in case some of my targeted audience decides to stop by and actually read something!

The world needs somebody to tell them the truth, not the pretty truth, the horrible disgusting filthy truth.  The kind of truth that makes people angry, the kind of truth that makes people get off their asses and do something.  People sitting around talking about we got equal rights and everything is honkey-dorey now are sadly mistaken.  I’ve never in my life seen, literally seen due to social networking, so much racism since we the people elected a black president.  Somehow that event brought out the ugly racist monster that a bunch of people had been hiding in their souls.  I’m just saying.

Here is the link to complete episode, just in case you haven’t seen it:  BOONDOCKS S1E9

What do you think of the progression of MLK day celebration over the past years (as much as you have been able to witness anyway)? How did you celebrate the memory of Dr. King?  What have you seen that MLK, Jr would NOT approve? How many quotes did you spit out of your virtual mouth on the innanets?

Thanks for tuning in…..



4 thoughts on “I Really Need Better Approval Over These Things pt. 2

  1. The best way for people to celebrate MLK is to go out and make something positive of yourself in a way that doesn’t violate or impinge on the rights and liberties of others. Work hard to live ON PURPOSE, Love One Another despite the flaws that may present themselves, and create appropriate boundaries so that you can have your word and your life line up as closely as possible at all times.

  2. I think both of you all are right. But it’s tough when we do so much to harm our own image. The MLK Strip club special is out of line. How you celebrate is on you, but to put the man’s face on a flyer with a stack of money in his hand is crazy. King wasn’t a god, but I think he did enough to be revered.

  3. Martin Luther Kind, Jr., stood for more than just one day out of the year. Our fight against all inequality was and still is a constant battle. But its really sad the one day we have scheduled for his observance, we can get that right. If we had respectable leaders in the community, I feel his day can be more than just a day ‘off.’ I went to the Downtown Houston parade and I did felt it was a great outing especially seeing all races in the parade. It was a beautiful thing. That’s what MLK envisioned this world to be. Until we rid the world of all the nut jobs, who live in a segregated mindset. We’ll see his birthday celebrated based on his dream forever…

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