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What’s The Next Big Thing…

We all enjoy the ideas of others..you have facebook, twitter, snuggies and disappearing car doors (yes doors that drop down rather than open up), but what’s the next big thing! We can either live off other people success or be the success. There are ways to reach those goals. I’m inspired by an idea that I had came up with about two years ago, and I’m just sitting on it! Sad because I know its a winner!

1. We’ll never get rich working for someone else

Most people work all their lives just to retire on a fix income, which may not be there once my generation retires. Companies are not built for workers to get rich. They are built to make the owners wealthy with the help of others. Do you know any millionaire working for someone that’s not in entertainment, or sports? I don’t. People get rich off ideas, not a salary given by a boss.

2. We Settle

We settle for just having a job. How many times you been preached to about getting a good job? We need to get out of that nonsense. We think we are ‘hustling’ but hustle is nothing more than a hustle. I like to hear moreso saying I’m ‘Planning.’ You can’t make any attempt to financial freedom without having a plan. Put it down on paper, write out your goals and execute!

3. Never Be Afraid to Fail

There’s nothing worse to live with than regret. Never be afraid to execute your goal. How could you even know if you never tried. You see a lot of these businesses financially well off, but what you don’t know is how many times they have failed. People talk about Donald Trump, but he has never been afraid to fail ( or go bankrupt), that’s why he will forever be wealthy. One business fails, he still ventures into new business plans. We need to have that same mentality!!

I would love to see more people, especially my black people, to be the dream, seek more than just what is given to us. Suport local business! Let’s make a Greenwood, Archer and Pine!! We can lay a foundation for our future generations. Anything is possible.


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